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Thread: How to port Galaxy S5 Keyboard in HTC One M8

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    How to port Galaxy S5 Keyboard in HTC One M8

    How can I get a Samsung Galaxy S5 keyboard on HTC One M8. My friend has a Samsung Galaxy S5 device and I found the keyboard really awesome. It is very smooth and fast responsive. I want to replace that on HTC One M8 but I am unable to find that on Google Play. I am sure there will be some way through which we can simply port the keyboard on this device and use it effectively.

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    Re: How to port Galaxy S5 Keyboard in HTC One M8

    To get that you will need TouchWiz on your phone and this will need rooting your phone with flashing the rom that has Galaxy S5 features. You can't just install the keyboard only.

    There are few other one that you can try out. Like Swipe keyboard. It is quiet popular and works fine on all android phone. It give you a bit broad alphabet which are easy to type.

    Just test this one and you can find more on Google Play.

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    Re: How to port Galaxy S5 Keyboard in HTC One M8

    I found one keyboard on Google Play that is called as Galaxy S5 Keyboard. It looks very different than the original Samsung Keyboard. I am also looking for the same apk file but not able to find anything.

    It is right that for installing the keyboard you have to root your phone and flash the rom with Galaxy S5 custom. Then only it is going to work. I hope some developer can work on the keyboard and release the apk file.

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