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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Review

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    Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Review

    Samsung has released some of its best gadgets in the market and they sold in high quantity. After Smartphone, Samsung comes in the list of top most wanted brands for tablets. That is because of its amazing touch interface, smooth performance and great features. Today we are going to test one tablet that offer you a nice 12.2inch hd display. This tablet falls on the costly part but is great enough to give you laptop like features. The tab is released in India and Flipkart is selling it for Rs.59000. 12.2-inch TFT LCD Touch screen is the primary highlight and it comes loaded with Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS out of the box.

    Those who are looking for a really big size tablet and nice performance can have a look on Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. After checking the price it is really hard for anyone to decide to buy it or not. But at some place you have special requirements for big size tablets. At first look you will find this tablet very expensive, because at a lower price you can still afford iPad Air. Price is a big issue here.


    Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 does not carry any uniqueness that differ it from other Samsung products. That is the reason. I am not really happy with the cost. I found the tablet very much similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This one comes for Rs.49000. A 2.2inch increase in size hiked the amount way too much. The tablet falls in the high end series where it is ideal for gaming and multimedia. But being a 12.2inch design you have to carry it with a case. It can be slipper if you did not take care while using the same.

    At the front you can mostly see the big size screen. This 12.2inch display is a TFT LCD screen. Samsung has designed the screen for better Multiscreen & Multitasking Experience. Being a large size tablet you can easily work through stylus, a wireless keyboard/mouse or through touch based support. You have quiet lot of space to move your fingers. The screen offers you a max resolution of 2560 x 1600 WQXGA. Color depth is 6M colors. And it supports S-Pen. It is powered by 1.9GHz Quad + 1.3GHz Quad core cpu. That means there are dual quad GPU support that makes multi-tasking really fast and smooth.

    It has a 3GB RAM and does offer 32GB internal storage option. You have to buy a micro sd card here, where you can use a memory card upto 64GB. The thickness is good here. It is wide to hold on your entire hand. That is the reason I told to add a cover here. It has a single sim card slot. You add a micro sim that extend the usage and internet connectivity. You have to use Micro Sim on that. The tablet comes with dual camera support. Where a 8MP camera is on the backside while a 2MP is on the front. It is sad to find the font camera is only 2MP. Rear camera features flash and auto-focus. You can record videos at 1920 x 1080 max resolutions. The tablet runs on a really big size battery. It has 9500mAh battery output that is capable of giving you an entire day usage.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Review


    12.2 inch TFT LCD Screen is the unique part of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. This front panel delivers you a very high HD resolution. It offers 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution which is really amazing. I had seen small resolution videos get blurry soon when you are trying to play them. But if you have an Hd video then it works nice. You won't find any other display giving you so much detailed screen quality. The screen features Super Clear LCD technology and 247ppi pixel density.

    This makes the visibility much better. Screen is quiet bright and vibrant. You can play games, read eBooks and news on it. Things are very much clear. Viewing angle is also great. Sunlight readability is nice when you have maximum brightness on. The tablet's overall output is very good when it comes to performance. Amazing screen quality, good hardware, etc makes this a very nice model. Touch is also smooth and fast. You don't really have to press on the screen. Just swipe along.


    Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 runs on the latest Android Kitkat operating system. This is the latest one and I am also sure that in future Samsung is going to provide all latest android output for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. The tablet being big size screen requires more power to work which is fulfill by the hardware. My experience was quiet fine here. The tablet gets bit heavy when you keep holding it all the time. The UI is quiet smooth here. This time instead of using TouchWiz Samsung has applied Magazine UX on it. This is a kind of magazine UI that offer you instant reading solution from different news site. It is bit different and very nice to use.

    It gives you all standard functionality to arrange application and modify the screen. It respond bit fast. This new UI helps you to put bigger size widget accurately on the screen. And along with this you can also get information on it. The tab offer very nice visual. The UI looks light and less cloggy. You can work nicely with various applications on the same. You can place widget and perform different work easily. The drop down notification is like a hub where everything is collect. All instant notification appears in that part. It gets cloaked sometime. There must be some kind of bifurcation between important and unwanted updates.

    Customization is impressive here. You can use Stylus on the tablet. You have to use the official Samsung S-pen that will make your work lot easier. It comes with many productivity applications like sketchbook, S-Note, etc. This comes common on in almost all high end devices of Samsung. S-Pen means you can use Air Command to instantly open up a application. It is a bit good and different compared to Note 10.1 when it comes to the UI. There are lot new things Samsung added to make this tablet ideal for professional usage.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Review


    Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 comes packed with dual camera support. Among which an 8MP camera is placed on the backside with autofocus and flash and a 2MP is placed on the front. 8MP camera is great here. This allows you to take very nice photos. You get a very big focus range on the 12inch tablet screen. Zoom in and zoom out is also better. The camera app brings all regular features that can help you to take impressive photos. Autofocus is really nice. If you think image are getting out of focus, just tap on the same.


    Samsung Note Pro 12.2 has upto date hardware of multi-tasking. And instead of using Touchwiz, Samsung has modified the UI to make it lighter when you are using it. Exynos 5 Octa cpu is good enough to run various applications at the same time. They respond fast and do not lag. Above that 3GB ram is capable of handling multiple apps at the same time. It is a updated tablet which is not only big in size but also big in hardware. My experience on the usage was quiet impressive. I played a few games also which worked well. HD games are able to produce a good resolution, but a few low end games just get blurry on the wide screen. Navigation is very simple here you can instantly lock the screen and then unlock it.

    You can go inside the menu and choose apps as per your need. Being a high end tablet it this much hardware is a must requirement. Somehow I think the tablet is unable to take benefit from the entire hardware. IT gets limited when you are using tablet on compression type of work. Like zipping a few file and then uploading it cloud. At that point the tablet lags in between when you are tiring to do some other work. But still it handles. Exynos 5 Octa cpu is supported with another quad Cortex A15 processor. And this are clocked at 1.9 Ghz and 1.3Ghz. Dual quad cpu makes it powerful but a few apps which are not optimized to work with this kind of setup will not give proper output. Benchmarking results were very impressive on the tablet. They scores are high. Samsung Note Pro 12.2 comes with all kind of connectivity options. You get a Wifi and Wifi direct support with Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G on it. It works well when you are on a high speed internet.

    It offer you a nice 32GB of storage to store ample of files and you can also expand the same to 64GB through a micro sd card. Among the entire 32GBm only 25GB is free for user which is quiet enough I think. If think it is less you can put a 32GB card more in it. Samsung Note Pro 12.2 runs on a 9500mAh battery. That means a big size battery to manage such a high resolution screen. The battery life is good here. It is a nice competitive model to Apple tablets .You can work for the entire day on it if you are not using it for games. It is good use a nice battery optimizer app to boost the output.


    No doubt Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is a good big size tablet in the market. being a costly one it makes your choice more complicated. But if you have some special requirements then checking out this model is not a bad idea. The tablet is sold for Rs.59000 in Indian market. This cost is very high but in the coming time we can expect a drop. It looks Samsung has specifically targeted a special consumer line who need good widescreen tablet. 12.2inch hd screen is remarkably good and benchmarking scores prove this table is capable of heating many high end models in the market. It also fulfills your photography need by giving you a nice 8MP primary camera with flash and autofocus.

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