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Thread: Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 Review

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    Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 Review

    Stellar brings out its first metal body android Smartphone Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506. This phone fall at the budget product line. Being a metal body the phone offers a bit durable solution for those who has tough requirement. The phone is launched in Indian market is sold for Rs.6999. This can be bit treat for those who need a budget phone but with that a bit of decent hardware. The phone is a unique design and offer you all types of common connectivity options. Being a budget phone it will fall somewhere in the entry level devices. It is a dual sim device with 3G support and runs on Android 4.2 operating system. Powered by a dual core cpu this phone is capable of giving you a good amount of day to day usage. It is having a basic gpu.

    So it not fair to expect much about gaming. Playing regular games like Angry Bird works well. It also has a fair battery life. The phone is designed for daily usage. If you need a good design phone and not having much budget then you can go with Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506. In package you will get a additional flip case that more protection to the screen.

    Design and Packaging:

    Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 has a unique design which makes it a happening phone under Rs.10000. This device might be having a average hardware but design makes it impressive and good. The phone simply has s sleek body with metal enclosure. To some extent you might feel like HTC One. It is very much similar. It was as 5inch screen on the front which is ideal for web surfing, reading and chatting. Touch support is quiet nice here the phone width is around 72.9mm.

    It is sleek and has curve edges. By adding flip cover the phone gets a bit thicker. Front screen does not has any durable cover. It gives you a max resolution of 480x854 at 196 ppi. It is an average screen. Watching videos is good but not great here. After using a few hd phones I am unable to adjust to Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 screen. Add a screen guard to protect the display fro scratches and fingerprints.

    Due to low ppi and resolution the phone will also has issue with sunlight readability. View is affected when there is too much light from the background. For indoor this device is quiet nice. At the front side we have a very basic 1.3MP camera. This gives VGA recording. You can chat with your friends but remember to turn on your lights. There are proximity and ambient light sensor placed on the top side. The phone has a three capacitive buttons on the bottom.

    This buttons offer you access to menu, home and return. It comes with all basic android features. Like you can hold the menu key for few second to find out all background running applications. The metal finish makes the device bit unique. But Spice is unable to fill it with good OS features. With 9.6mm thickness it fit well inside your pocket. A usb slot is placed on the right side with audio jack.

    Overall body is really good. Even after having a metal body overall weight of this device lie around 177grams. After comparing this phone with a few entry level model the weight is just slight high. Back cover is removable. Sim and microsd card slots are placed on the backside with removable battery. It has a 1800mAh battery that gives you decent all day usage. The back cover has a shiny finish and has a 8MP camera. Overall body is really nice and touch is also good. But I am not impressed with the OS features.
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    Re: Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 Review

    Operating System and Performance:

    Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 run on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). After checking out entire features in the mobile phone I am sure that this is a stock rom. There is very less optimization. Brands like Lenovo, Gionee, gives you a optimized version of Android OS. This bring more feature and smart customization. But in Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 most of things are based on stock feature. You have a notification panel on the top side which give you access to quick settings.

    It comes with a auto call recorder app also. To make the phone more better Spice has added a few additional features like Flip to Mute, Intelligent Answer, Direct Call, etc. It run on a 512MB of ram and is powered by 1.3 GHz Dual Core Processor. So here hardware is bit average. It comes with 4GB internal storage. And you can use upto 32GB SD card on the same. The hardware is able to give you average output. It would be great if this phone has atleast 1GB of ram. That makes it more powerful.

    It comes with a few set of pre-installed applications like Spice Cloud, WeChat, Smart Calls, Opera Mini, etc. Spice has added a different music player in the phone. This audio player reads almost all kind of audio format. You can add 3D effects on the earphone to get more outstanding audio quality. If you have a pair good headphone you can get amazing sound. Dual sim offer you 3G support. Common connectivity options are also added in the phone.

    Camera Quality:

    Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 comes with dual camera support. A 1.3VGAa camera is in the front with a 8MP camera site on the backside. When you take photos in outdoor, or in sunlight, images are nice. But when you are indoor photos are not clear. You have to hold your hand very still when you are taking photos. IF you shake the camera will not produce good image quality. Camera app has all basic settings and requirement. There is nothing unique here.

    Almost all features are provided by Android 4.2 Jellybean. You can use options like HDR, Panorama and few image settings mode. For video you can record around 720p of HD videos on the screen. Video recording is good here. But I said you must have enough light around your room to get clean output. LED flash does not help much while taking photos.

    Hardware and battery Life:

    Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 run on 1.3Ghz dual-core MediaTek MT6572 SoC cpu and 512MB RAM. For graphics it is supported by Mali-400gpu. As per the usage the phone is nice. it gives you good output if you not stuffing too many application in the device. You can play basic games. The output is flawless. Sometime the pone lag when you have too many apps working in the background. This is one of the most common issue with many phone that has only 512MB ram.

    You have to use a good task killer to keep the performance nice. Play only low end games. 1800mAh battery is good here. I first through it might have a 1400mAh but it is higher. You can use the phone on 3G and still it will work for the entire day.
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    Re: Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 Review


    Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 is not a bad deal for those who need a good entry level phone. Anyone who want mobile for work and for calling purpose. 3G support gives you internet connectivity through which you can chat with your phone. At a price of Rs.6999 this device is not a bad choice. The screen is average with decent audio output. Body and Battery life are the two great point of this phone. It can be a long lasting phone. Many f you will find this phone a bit price because of average hardware. But compare to many budget phone you are getting a metal body. That make it a bit strong and classy in terms of look.


    • Nice Design and Build Quality
    • Budget Phone
    • Nice battery output.


    • Poor Display
    • Poor Gaming and camera Performance.
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