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Thread: How to root any android phone from Linux

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    How to root any android phone from Linux

    If you have windows then it is quiet easy to root your device through various tools. You can install Odin for Samsung, or Fastboot for other android phone. The benefit here is that we have a very simple user interface and you can find required drivers for the same. But m any of us want to go with some advance work or does not use Windows PC. So the next option is using Linux.

    Today Ubuntu is the most popular Linux operating system and I am going to show you how you can root your phone through Ubuntu. You need a few extra things for that and it is extremely easy. You can root your device fast. But you have to find the right rom before moving ahead. Because that is the only thing where you stuck. Without appropriate rom your phone will not boot. It can brick forever. And you have to carry that to the service center. Rooting also lose warranty. You have to pay for re-flashing.

    The good thing about Linux is that your rooting is more accurate here. There are less chances of having issues. In Windows the applications is not stable your phone can stop booting. If the app crash in between then your phone is dead forever. So lest move ahead with simple process of rooting android on Linux.


    • A Ubuntu PC
    • Android Bootloader
    • Android ROM
    • Android ADB Setup
    • Android SDK Installation

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    Re: How to root any android phone from Linux

    Step 1: Update your system with latest Android SDK Package.

    • Go in Android SDK site and download the latest package for Linux. The packages are different for android 32 and 64 bit.
    • Type ia32-libs in terminal and hit enter.
    • You have then install openjdk-6-jdk.
    • Extract the content of Android SDK on your desktop.
    • Go in Tools > platform-tools and run gedit ~/.pam_environment.
    • A text file will open up. Type the following PATH DEFAULT=${PATH}:/path/to/tools & PATH DEFAULT=${PATH}:/path/to/platform-tools. This is a path to SDK.

    Step 2: You have to unlock the bootloader for devices like HTC or other Phone.

    • Launch Terminal and type apt-get install android-tools-fastboot. This will work only after fastboot is configured.
    • Then type fastboot oem unlock. If you get error then you have to create a non-root user through 51-android.rules.
    • Devices like HTC, Sony will ask you a unlock key. You have to type fastboot oem unlock 0x<unlock key>. In other phone the device will be unlocked.

    Step 3: Installing custom recovery

    • Once the device is unlocked you can copy the custom recovery file in the memory card of your phone. You have to boot your phone in recovery mode. There are different set of key combination of doing that. Once you are in recovery you have to go in install from zip card section and select the custom recovery. Tap on that and done. The phone is now installed with custom recovery. And you can now install any rom.
    • To install custom recovery through pc type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img in terminal.
    • Later on install apps like SuperSU. This will help you for further rooting process if nothing works.

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