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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 Update Review

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 Update Review

    Galaxy Note 3 has got the latest android 4.4.2 update. It on AT&T phones which are used worldwide. This device was launched with Android v4.3 OS. The model still comes with the same OS in India and other region. But for AT&T users the new update of Android 4.4.2 is provided. The update brings many new things and also enhance the device output.

    In this short review I am going to highlight the most prime features and it impact on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Most of new updates brings a lot of new surprises and provide you great output. We all are excited to know what new things we are going to get if this update is released worldwide. The update is also arrived on Sprint and T-Mobile. But yet it is not distributed worldwide. So if you want to find out what all new things it is going to add then keep on reading below.


    There is a nice boost in the performance of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 after applying the new update. You can instantly remove apps in it. The phone was bit slow before when you are having too many applications. And you want to wipe out it completely one by one. At that time the phone takes a tiny pause to give you the un-installation menu. But not it is relatively fast. You can install remove things from the app menu itself.

    After this update the phone has stopped lagging also. I had got this problem after playing games. When you are on new apps or when you are testing a few games one by one the phone will start lagging after a hour of usage. But the update has provided performance benefits. It is able to optimize the app to work faster and also to release memory when not used.

    App Compatibility:

    This update does bring any bugs or compatibility issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It happens commonly that many old apps stops working when you go ahead with installation of fresh update. You face issue with app compatibility also. But in Android 4.4.2 Update things are must faster. I had installed a few apps which are still working fine. The update does not bring you any new apps. I had checked this properly.

    I was expecting something new here because the update was quiet large. It looks Samsung has worked more on the UI part. And they also add a bit of theming stuff always which is also missing. One great boost I found is file readability. When you access your memory card through a file manager app you will find that it appear instantly. I had copied around 2GB of video which open instantly through any file manager in the default video payer.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 Update Review

    Battery Life:

    Android 4.4.2 Update does not puts impact on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery. It is same as it was before. The phone already has a very large battery in it. Due to which you won't notice any performance issue on the same.

    I had tested this for the entire day and it works fine. The battery life is standard. You can use the same for entire day when you are on 3G. For gaming also you get standard output. I thought the battery life will be boosted more.


    Android 4.4.2 update is a worth update. You must go for it if you need a bit increase in the performance. Apps works really fast after installation. This update has important stability fix for the same. A few people were facing problem with the phone performance and battery.

    Through the update you can simply get more benefits. The phone will give you appropriate output. You can install more apps and use it for multi-tasking. The pone wont lag from any corner. I hope this update is released soon worldwide.

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