It happens that sometime our friends, colleague, relatively or family member take our phone. Some of them use while some of them just take to check. Many of these people are having habit to go inside your phone gallery or videos folder and see your pic. Which is very annoying? It is like disturbing someone’s privacy. I had seen many friends who instantly go in the gallery and start checking images.

Now those who own or want to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 can use a Private Mode feature. It is the built-in setting through which you can simply hide files or your phone. There is no need to use any third party app for that. This Private mode comes with many additional settings. You can hide pictures in the gallery and no one will be able to see. It is good to hide some private material. Because well carry out devices to office or on different places. At that time if you’re not near the phone there are chances that people will fiddle with the data. You can easy hide things which you do not want to show. And this is a security method. Even through file manager no one will be able to see those file.

So, let's check out how to use the Private Mode in Samsung Galaxy S5:

Step 1:

We will start by turning on Private Mode. For that you have to go in the notification bar. Just swipe down using your two fingers to open an extended toggle menu. In this you can see a button for Private Mode. Tap on it to activate the same. You will get a setup wizard on the screen. You can lock the data through a pattern lock or you can use a pin. You can also use your fingerprint or just use a password.

Step 2:

The next step is to select the data you want to hide. You can hide pics and videos. For that you have to go in the Gallery. This place has all your pictures and videos. You have to hold a picture or a folder for a few second. There are three dots on the top side. Tap on that and there you can find an option Move To. Tap on that and choose Private.

Step 3:

In the same way you can also hid music file. You just have to go in the Music app for that and tap on an audio file for few second. You will see the same menu. Just tap on it Move To > Private.

Step 4:

There is option valuable to hide documents and many other file. For that you have to go in a folder through File Manager and tap on that file. You will get the same menu.

Step 5:

To unhide you just have to go back in the same extended toggle menu and disable Private mode.

Step 6:

And if you want to remove the files from Private hold the file for few second and go back on the menu on top right with three dots and choose Mote To > Normal.

Step 7:

In this way you can select any drive storage or folder to hide or unhide.