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Thread: Nokia 510 web Tablet was made 9 years before Apple's iPad

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    Nokia 510 web Tablet was made 9 years before Apple's iPad

    Has anyone heard about Nokia 510. This is a old model tablet that was built 9 years before iPad. That means Nokia is claiming that they had made the first tablet of their time but was not out due to some reason. I am trying to find a bit more information on Nokia 510.

    How it looks and what operating system it has. If it was a tablet they surely Nokia is not using Symbian on it. They might developing something new.

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    Re: Nokia 510 web Tablet was made 9 years before Apple's iPad

    It is very outdated model. You can see the images on internet. Just search for Nokia 510 and you can find the pic. This was really a new concept but it was not forwarded by Nokia. They do not see any profit in the same. When Apple released iPad in the market then it was far more impressive and a kind of next generation product. Even if Nokia has released 510 it would be a failed product.

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    Re: Nokia 510 web Tablet was made 9 years before Apple's iPad

    I know a bit of specification of Nokia 510. I was also looking for information on the same. This tablet was o a operating system called as Epoc which was based on Symbian. You cannot expect much from that. It gives you various features like email, browsing, etc.

    It was a touch screen device with stylus and there was a external keyboard on the body also. It runs on 32MB sd ram and as 32MB Flash storage.

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