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Thread: OnePlus One Review

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    OnePlus One Review


    The OnePlus One has been officially launched worldwide and this phone is about bring a new change in series of android platform. At first look this phone really look amazing. But there are enough tings to checkout before moving ahead to buy this product. Unlike popular brands in the market, a few Indie developers came up with a more uqnie idea of smart phones. This include Oppo, Xiamo, etc. This are not very well known, but they have a range of exclusive product line which is capable of beating other brands in the market. They give you more than a regular Smartphone. After taking OnePlus in hand I notice the front panel holding a 5.5 inch FULLHD screen. It deliver amazing screen quality. You do not have to worry about the screen resolution. It is well optimized to work with various apps and games.

    It is a milestone device which official comes loaded CyanogenMod. That means advance users have to worry less about rooting and installing third party roms in it. You can enjoy CyanogenMod just out of the box with so many features. CyanogenMod is not officially provided you have to reflash the rom to add it. And it also need some technical knowledge about understanding the bootloader and other android concept. Oneplus One removes those things and give you a direct advance bootloader through which you can do various things. This just simple here. To find out what CyanogenMod can do on this we have to test the device in more detail. Till yet I do not think there is anyone who had played with custom rom.

    CyanogenMod before was only limited to the boot screen but today it is a complete operating system that is gives you so many additional features. It is one of the most common and widely used custom rom for various devices. But when you install this you lose the pone warranty. This limit the usage. Many users will skip and prefer to stick with their dull rom for the life time. Luckily One thought bit differently.

    They installed CyanogenMod OS in the phone itself which is built on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. You have to two important benefits here. First you get the latest android operating system and second you get advance customization features through CyanogenMod. OnePlus One is launched with the price of $299 that is not costly. But the cost vary depending on your region. At $299 you can get the 16GB version and at $349 you can get the 64GB version. Storage choices comes static design that is Sandstone Black only.

    Being developed by a Chinese manufacturer the first thing that comes in your mind is a poor performance phone or a very dull design. Both things are negative. Oneplus One has rich design and it looks really impressive. The device is packed with .5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor. The latest and extreme model which can run all high end games and applications. RAM is pushed to 3GB and for gaming the phone holds additional gpu which is Adreno 330. For photography the phone comes with a 13MP primary camera. And the front screen is a full hd display. OnePlus One is a amazing mobile phone with many feature which will see in more detail.
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    Re: OnePlus One Review


    5.5inch full hd screen makes it look like a big size phablet but it is sleek. It is not very thick that may affect the look. Slim design makes it very classy when you hold it in your hand. The screen covers the maximum front part which offer you a Full HD 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution. That is a high resolution that will make your image look detailed. The phone offers amazing visibility under broad daylight. It is not affected by poor screen output.

    I am able to read all text and pages clearly under sunlight. You can adjust the brightness level as per your need which does not affect your eye much. The phone has as bit curved design. It is not just straight.

    The top and bottom side bend towards front side. Adding this design gives the phone a classy and costly look. Buttons are well placed on the body. The power button sit on the right one and the vole is on the left side. There is a micro sim slot placed on the top side. Back consist of a 13MP camera with glossy finish. Oneplus One looks serious more towards the design part. They believe in giving out a beautiful yet worthy value for money device.

    It has tiny curve at the corner. It gives really good grip when you are holding it. But it is better if you add a screen flip cover on it. The screen size is near to a phablet which put this device in the race of other high end phone in the market. Overall dimension is 52.9 x 75.9 x 8.9mm. The phone is big is size compare to other 5.5inch screen phone due to its design. But it is not heavy nor clumsy to hold. The body consist of mostly plastic element that affect he durability part. This is what makes the phone less in weight. It is just 160g when you hold it. A few durable phone by HTC and Sony crosses 170g easy to their strong enclosure.

    OnePlus One comes with a MicroSim tray. At the top lies a headphone port and you can also get micro usb ports with speaker at the bottom. I am quite happy with the build quality of this phone. It looks good but not durable. OnePlus One run on 3100mAH battery. It is locked inside the body. You cannot remove it. This is a high size battery that can give you long lasting output. as per our test the battery life of Oneplus One is very impressive.

    Software and Features:

    OnePlus One got so much hype in the market due to its operating system. A customized version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Also known as CyanogenMod. This is a open source platform which has as web community where you get help if you face any issue in the devices. CyanogenMod directly adds tons of customization features directly on your finger tip without using any third party applications. It is very easy to use and the processor provide you very fast performance. The UI is very smooth. It is powered with a high end hardware configure which makes the device to perform well compare to its competition. You can play different hd games on the same.

    It is really fascinating to see CyanogenMod enhancement in the device. You can modify the lock screen, you can enable and disable various features in it. Default apps are able to manage all type of multimedia files. You can play them instantly in the default music and video player. You can create your own custom lock screen. This are the features which are not available in the other phone and to get them you have to rot your phone.

    So here we will see a few more things provided by CyanogenMod. The first is home screen. It is the fist screen where every user see. You can access the app through this. You can make apps size bigger if you think the icons are very small. You can move them or arrange them as per your need. The settings menu add more new options which is hard to find in any other mobile phone. CyanogenMod is also great for personalization. Additional customization options are provided on the home screen, lock screen and on the internal menu. You can create different user profile and mange the phone. The notification panel which is a primary light and also called as the messages center of a android device will not surprise you much.

    It looks mostly similar to stock android feature. But you can customize that to make it more better by changing the icons and turning on/off some features. It is simple and straight forward. Oneplus One has as KnockOn feature that you had seen on other phone also. You just have to tap on the screen two time to unlock it and see the notification bar. I really like the performance. It does not lag or freeze. It gives you all type sofa connectivity options. The current model comes with 4GB support. While other things you have is NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. You will get choice for 16GB and 64GB storage for the same.
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    Re: OnePlus One Review


    OnePlus One will really make you happy when it comes to the performance. This phone is not having unnecessary application that you get in many other phone. This are called as bloatware. This apps are of no use and they keep on eating your hardware resources. This is the best thing I like about OnePlus One. The phone is packed with impressive hardware configuration. The processor is quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. It is clocked t 2.5Ghz and it is capable of giving you smooth multi-tasking output. 3GB ram just makes the interface more fluid. HD gaming is also amazing here. Front 5.5inch screen gives you 1080p Full HD output.

    The max resolution it offer sis 1920 x 1080 pixels at 401 PPI. It is a high end screen. The screen is further covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that makes it durable. 13MP camera on the back side features Sony Exmor IMX 214 which will make your photography really amazing. It has Dual-LED to add enough light when you are taking photos. At the front side you have a distortion free 5 Megapixel camera for video chat.


    OnePlus One is not a bad choice for those who need a composite feature of performance and photography. This device is powered by a quad core cpu which is enough to take on any applications. 3GB ram and gpu is able to manage all the games and graphics smoothly. Front 13MP rear camera will help you to take great photos in outdoor. In night you can use the dual led flash to take amazing bright photos. There is as 5MP camera also on the front side which take more clear photos instantly.

    I am quite impressed with the back camera quality. The best part One did is added as Sony Exmor IMX 214 feature. Other technology like Hd resolution recording image stabilization etc makes it very handy when you are traveling and does not want to carry you r DSLR. CyanogenMod OS plays the major role in providing all the futures. Without that phone would have been limited. The 16GB Silk White edition comes for $299 and 64GB Sandstone Black comes for $349.
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    Re: OnePlus One Review

    You can now buy OnePlus One 64GB variant from Gearbest at just $395 USD. Make sure you use Coupon code: PLUSONE

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    Re: OnePlus One Review

    Today One Plus one sale is going on on Amazon without invite code so go hurry.

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