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Thread: Internet Explorer 11 settings grayed out

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    Internet Explorer 11 settings grayed out

    All settings in Internet Explorer 11 is grayed out. This happed after updating Windows 8.1 on my laptop. I was trying to remove some toolbars and what I can see that everything is grayed out in the browser. It is also very slow. I thought after update it will be faster.

    I was expecting updates for Internet Explorer 11 also but the scene here is different. I am not able to get a fast system. Especially the web browser. It is very slow and not working fine.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 11 settings grayed out

    Did you tried resetting the browser settings. You have to go in Tools > Internet Options and from there you can reset the browser settings completely. This is the fastest way to resolve the issue.

    After resetting browser original settings are restored and the performance is also improved. What you can do is find download Internet Explorer and overwrite the existing installation. This will resolve the issue.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 11 settings grayed out

    It is really weird. The settings are grayed out means there can be some virus in your system. You will have to scan your pc. Just reboot your pc and boot in safe mode. Use a good antivirus canner to clean your system. Use Malwarebytes. It is a good anti-malware. You download a trail edition and check back. I do not think re-installing will help here. You will get a message that new version of IE is already installed in your system.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 11 settings grayed out

    This is because of damage updates. Some updates associated with Internet Explorer is either damage or corrupt. Due to which you are getting that issue. You have to check for fresh updates back again.

    You can also install update manually by downloading it from the official website. That will resolve the problem. System restore and manual re-installation will not help. Just get latest windows updates.

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