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Thread: Unable to use Wireless Printer with Windows 8.1

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    Unable to use Wireless Printer with Windows 8.1

    After upgrading to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8, my wireless printer has stopped working. This is the default printer at office which all use. And the printer is connected on lan as well on wifi. I am having a laptop so I use it through wifi. But after upgrade the printer is not listed.

    I tried almost all settings but Windows 8.1 is not able to find the printer. I want some help here. Is there a way to get back on Windows 8? Somebody please help.

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    Re: Unable to use Wireless Printer with Windows 8.1

    No you cannot restore the old one back. You have to use the new one. There are new problem always when you upgrade to the new version. You have to ensure that you have the latest printer and wifi driver in your system. You can find that from the official site of your laptop and printer manufacturer. Just download the drivers and then try to reconnect. Once drivers are added then try to connect again.

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    Re: Unable to use Wireless Printer with Windows 8.1

    Most of the printers comes with a setup cd. You can use that to configure the printer. I have a hp printer that has a portable hotspot in it. And I had configure this through the printer disc.

    Just find that and use that to setup the printer. You can try re-installing the wifi adapter through device manager. And then try to go in Devise Printer and try to add it.

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    Re: Unable to use Wireless Printer with Windows 8.1

    You have to verify one thing. Just check that printer sharing is enabled or not. For that you have to connect the printer to your pc through usb or lan cable. And then you have to add the printer. Then right click on the printer and enable sharing. You can do this from pc which has printer added. Then try to add the same back again and you will be able to use the printer.  

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