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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S5 Freezing frequently

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Freezing frequently

    Samsung Galaxy S5 proved to be a good phone in many reviews and video. But there is a different story in my case. I am having freezing issue here. This phone is quiet slow. When I open any app it take a few second to launch. This is quiet weird that even after having such a high processor this phone lags like anything. The camera app sometime stuck in between. Has anyone got this issue.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 Freezing frequently

    This phone freeze for no reason. I had seen that. I am not able to figure out why but I had seen that this phone has some issue. Not in all models.

    My friend's device is working good but one of my colleague has this in office and it freezes. You have to backup your data and run full factory restore. That will surely help you in fixing the issue. If not then take the phone to service center.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 Freezing frequently

    You have to find which all applications are working in the background and on that basis you can fix it. You can use a advance application manager tool. This tool will help you to remove apps that are not needed. And then test back. You can also add a good task killer which will end up process automatically and emptying more memory in the phone. Just try that.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 Freezing frequently

    One of the major issue with this phone is that its UI. Touchwiz is quiet heavy when you are using it. It also lags in between. I do not understand even after having so much ram in the system still the phone freezes and does not work well.

    I am using a different launcher on the same. Like NOVA which is quiet fast compare to the Touchwiz. You can also test that.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 Freezing frequently

    I just bought mine two weeks ago and its freezing all the time.

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