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    Google Glass Review

    Wearable technology can bring out some really amazing features compared to portable devices we carry. They are hassle free, works through voice and give you instant feed. You are complete sorted if you have something like Google Glass. The concept started a few year ago when wearable technology is not so common. Google came out with innovate ideal of applying a tiny computer on regular glasses and making them more smarter. Google Glass is something quiet different. Many would think is it easy to use. How will you collect information. Will it disturb while walking or driving. All things are considered already in the design and development of Google Glass. Today we will checkout this new innovative gadget in more detail. You just don't need you hands all the time tapping on touch screen. Just use the goggles through your voice and get information.

    It just make you feel like intelligent. It take long time to get perfection in this. Because it something very different and new. And it is also very important that people should accept it. Or else it can be a fail invention. Google Glass let you to get notifications, messages, weather info, etc directly on your eyes through a tiny screen. No need to remove your phone again and again and checkout details. It gives you facebook updates, sms, call details, etc instantly. There is a tiny head display on the glasses which act as a computer screen. The projected display is clear and crisp. You can read easily. To use Google Glass you need a active data connection. it does not work without that.

    Google Glass Display:

    Display is the most interested part here. You can wear the glasses on your eyes and look straight on the glass. It is transparent. That means it will not affect your visibility. A tiny screen appear which is clear enough to give you instant notification and details. It is not a touch based devices. Mostly it is operated through your voice or through a few touch buttons s on it. The screen is reflected on the glass at 45degree angle. Directly in front of your vision. It also not complicated for your eyes to read or to identify text, images on that. When you are not using it the glass goes in sleep mode and can be awaken through voice. It has a beaming light that act as screen. You can see glowing images. It just look like you are watching a really big screen in front of you. So this is very impressive. Google Glass is capable of giving you a 640x360 pixel resolution on the beaming screen itself.

    Clarity matters the most here. Because if it is not accurate then it is not worth to buy. The glass uses a modern LCD panel and some of the model also has OLED. Different model have different configuration. There is bit issue when light reflects on your eye. It is not sunglasses. When you are outside and if there is direct light projection the screen is not visible. A bit problematic when you are using it on beaches. You have to wear a hat. The body looks mostly made with plastic. It is not water or dust proof. So use it carefully when you are out. The size is also a bit big. It comes with a TI OMAP 4430 processor which is supported by 1GB ram and you also get upto 16GB of internal storage. You can store thing through wifi also. Other than this it has a Micro USB port that you can connect directly to your pc and copy files in it. One thing I did not like is the battery output. It is bit poor.

    User Interface:

    Google Glass comes with few apps only. One of them is MyGlass App which you can use on your mobile phone to pair the glass with device. Without that Google Glass cannot identify your phone details. Just install the app and turn on your Bluetooth. The app will guide you for the pairing. Once paired you can then you have to singing to your Google Account to configure the headset. The url for that is here you can make changes as per your need. You can simply allow things you want to see. You can enable things like Gmail, Google Now, or Google Plus. You can also use Google Maps which will show you your existing display. The matter of concern is the security features. There was huge debate on this on web. Many says that the gadget lack good privacy settings.

    You have to simply configure the Glass properly so that others cannot access your details. A simple e2D screen gives you detail and has as grid type layout. There are two option to turn it on. First you just need to tilt your head towards up side and second you can tap on the touch part of glass. By default you can see clock on it. There are few touch controls which are easy to use when you are reading something. You have swipe. Tapping help you to use it more faster. You can take photos or simply check images of your gallery. You can read emails. Glass is able to do your daily task quiet easily. But you cannot use it for long time.

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    Re: Google Glass Review


    Google Glass has a Wifi, Bluetooth and Micro USB support. It gives you 16GB storage where you can keep your files and access them. To use it effectively you have to rely on your mobile phone. You cannot just use the glass alone. Because a various functions are managed and control by mobile device. And if you want to use it without your device then thing et limited. Like you can just time or weather update. There are many more features to discover. You can also connect the glass to your laptop or home network through wifi. Adding storage was a good choice by Google. Because it is ideal to play a image on this. You can share that with your friends. At first I thought this device will completely rely on mobile phone storage. Certain feature makes it more independent.


    Google Glass has a 5 megapixel camera. It is align with your vision. You can record upto 720p video on that. But remember there is no flash here. So do not expect much from the image quality. You can teak a few good photos when you are in sunlight. In night images are poor. It will give you good photos in sunlight. The photo is quiet bright with nice contrast ratio. But if you are in dark environment then the photo quality will be more poor. Google has not worked on the camera part much.

    But adding that will be of great benefit. To take a shot you have to press the camera button and then wait back. It take a few time. Try not to shake your head. Google glass is beneficial to record trip videos. Just turn on the camera and record. Along with button you can also use voice command to take photos. There are few static commands that works effectively. Video play automatically when you had done with the recording. You can share them on Google Plus. One thing Google Glass lack is typing. It is complicated to type anything on that.

    Google Apps & Navigation:

    Being a Google Product, you get access to use all Google series. Google Now today is used in many android operating system that offer you good features and it also comes in Glass. It gives you instant information on current weather. You can see the temperature on the display. And you can also use it for navigation. If you want to locate something you can ask Google Glass to give you instant direction. This is one of the best feature here. I am able to get instant driving direction.

    Without Navigation Google Glass would be just another portable gadget. To use that you have to speak the address and then you have to tap on Google Now suggestion. It will give you detail direction. If you find speaking complicated then you can use the MyGlass App on your phone for more accuracy. Google Glass will show you path in a arrow. You just have to follow that.

    SMS and Web Search:

    As per Google, Glass will be able to give you a full control on your day to day job. Sending message is one of those and it is quiet important. The most common habit is to use your touch screen phone or pc. But in Google Glass it is possible to do that also. You can send a email or text. The feature is slow. That is because this technology is new and it will get better day by day when more new version are released in the market. To see what messages are in your inbox just tilt your head up and you will see a messages. You can simply read the start few lines. To see the menu you have to tap tow times. Now instead of giving the entire message text, it has a Read more button.

    You have to tap on that to read the entire text. This increase the time. On phone you just instantly tap few times and get access to the full messages. For internet again you need to type text. And the display here is not very effective to surf web. It is limited. You can try to find something important if you need most of the time I will recommend you to use the mobile phone only. If your voice is well recognized by Glass then you can use that to type a text. One good benefit here is that you can make video calls through hangout. But people cannot see your face. Because the camera is on the front side.

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    Re: Google Glass Review


    Google Glass is in the starting stage and it will take a bit long time to get it perfect. Today if you need something smart on your face then go with Google Glass. You can get instant time, driving direction, you can check out your social networking g stuff, etc through tat. There are few apps in it that deliver news but I found it uncomfortable to read. I prefer to use my tablet for that . Because the screen is more better here. High resolution screen is needed to read something that put minimum strain on your eye. You have to put a bit pressure to read a text in Google glass.

    I found it really good for taking pictures and sharing them on Google Plus. You can record videos also. 720P is not bad. After watches, Glasses are being used to give you more smart devices. But it will take a bit time to get them prefect. There is no common format that people today know to use. Anyone how buys it will have to spend some time in learning.

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