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Thread: Scratched Camera lens in HTC One M8

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    Scratched Camera lens in HTC One M8

    Got a bit problem while using HTC One M8. I was taking a few photos and it felled from my hand. Luckily the device felled on grass. So there is no severe damage. But the plastic cover which on the camera has scratches. That can be due to those tiny rocks.

    This is extremely sad to find that M8 kind of device has as this kid of weak spots. It has durable body but the camera cover is weak. What should i do? Should i take it for replacement?

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    Re: Scratched Camera lens in HTC One M8

    It is good to notice that part. I was not aware about the same. The problem is not only with HTC One M8 with almost all high end phone.

    The camera on the backside has a tiny round glass. Now I do not think other manufacturers are using Gorilla glass on that. They mostly use plastic cover which protect the camera from the backside. The images will be bad if this cover develop scratches.

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    Re: Scratched Camera lens in HTC One M8

    Always use a good case when you have such a costly phone. Because that gives you a overall protection. If you are not using good cases your phone will develop scratches all around. I had this problem on Xperia Z1. This manufacture might guarantee that they are giving you the best body, but most probably then will develop scratches are time moves on.  

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