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Thread: All video games crashes on my Windows 8.1 system

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    All video games crashes on my Windows 8.1 system

    Windows 8.1 looks to be new and fast but why done all games crash on it. I am trying to play Crimecraft on the same. This is not the first time I am facing the issue. The game just crash when I spawn. I have all minimum hardware requirement.

    This is the third time I am facing the crashing issue before that the game crashed on minecraft and CS also. I have a 2GB ram and Core 2 Duo system. So here the hardware is good. But still Windows 8.1 is not a stable platform.

    Any help regarding this would be appreciated.

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    Re: All video games crashes on my Windows 8.1 system

    When you install or play games check the compatibility settings. You have to right click on the setup file and then click on Properties. Go in the compatibility settings and there you can choose a older operating system like Windows 7. Enable the compatibility settings first and then try back. Install the games first through compatibility and then test back. This will work.

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    Re: All video games crashes on my Windows 8.1 system

    There can be different reason. Compatibility is not a big issue here. I am not sure about old games but I am able to play all latest video games on it. I have a gaming pc here. Like 2GB GPU, 4GB RAM and Core i3 system.

    I am playing Saint Rows, NFS, etc which works great. They are not crashing. You have to update your video drivers. Most of the time outdated drivers cause this problem.

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