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Thread: HTC One (M8) battery draining very fast

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    HTC One (M8) battery draining very fast

    There is a very weird problem with my new HTC One M8. This phone has a major issue with battery life. I had bought this phone after reading so many reviews where many says that this phone has the best amazing battery power. But this is not true. Within 9 hours the battery left is just 20%. I had not used the phone much. I had made a few calls and listening to music. I hope I am not having a damage phone.

    Is there anyone else faced such battery issue with One M8 or is it just me? Please somebody provide me any suggestion.

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    Re: HTC One (M8) battery draining very fast

    One M8 definitely has the best battery life. You might be having some problem with the phone. You have to check that.

    First go in the apps section and see whether the amount of apps working in the background. Disable them and remove it. You can run a full factory reset after taking data backup. If this does not work then you have to simply ask for replacement.

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    Re: HTC One (M8) battery draining very fast

    There is one thing you have to do. You have to turn off the wifi when you are not using. I had seen this phone has a major battery issue when you have 4G or wifi on. You have to disable them. That is the only thing which is drawing out too much power. I hope you are having a 3G or 4G active connection Just turn that thing off and see if there is any battery changes in the phone.

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