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Thread: HTC One M8 Software Update 1.55.605.2

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    HTC One M8 Software Update 1.55.605.2

    Hello everyone.

    I bought HTC One M8 a week ago from Verizon (i must say it is really the best). Today morning i received a notification about new Software update. Well, that wasn't surprising, but what is surprising me is i tried to get some info about this Update on web and didn't found a single link. Seems, like there is no info about the same.

    Hence, i haven't installed the update so far. Wanted to know what is this update for? Do anyone here have any idea about the same?

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    Re: HTC One M8 Software Update 1.55.605.2

    Hi One8, as i can see this is your very first post, i must Welcome you to this community. Now coming to your point, let me tell you that the update is only and only available for Verizon subscribers as of now. It is not from HTC.

    So, you were not able to find any info about the same on web as it might take some time to put it on by users. Now, as you are eager to know what is this update for, well, this is just a small update to fix performance issues on your M8. This new update brings the following enhancements to your device:

    • It removes the Roaming indicator icon (It appears on few M8 Devices)
    • Fixes webpage and application connection errors
    • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity
    • Added a new Copy/Paste feature in Gallery
    • Added Mute/Edit buttons on the Video Highlights tiles in Gallery
    • Enhanced syncing with Dot matrix cases
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    Re: HTC One M8 Software Update 1.55.605.2

    That's correct. Here is the official statement by your service provider, Verizon, about this software update:

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