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Thread: How to format / factory reset Galaxy S5

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    How to format / factory reset Galaxy S5

    As Galaxy S5 is the new Samsung's Flagship, this time they did many changes. I had seen this device at my friends home. He wants to format the phone due to some problem but I am not able to figure out the factory reset option in this. Is it removed or something new is added. I had seen a few images on web which shows that it is somewhere in the settings. But I am unable to find it.

    Is there some kind of key shortcuts provided which can instantly restore the phone?

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    Re: How to format / factory reset Galaxy S5

    The process is same as it was before. You have to go in Settings only. But because of the new User Interface (TouchWiz), it has shifted many things due to which users are unable to locate old default layout.

    In Galaxy S5 you can see a option as User and Backup in the Settings. And then there is a orange icon. It is named as Backup and Reset. Tap on that and then done. Your device will be restored to factory settings.

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    Re: How to format / factory reset Galaxy S5

    I always use the recovery mode for that. I am not aware but this process can be still available. All you have to do is turn off your phone and hold the volume down + center key + power to boot your system in recovery mode. You can use the volume key to navigate up and done and choose a complete data wipe. This is also a kind of factory restore. It is also one of the best option when you are unable to find recovery menu.

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    Re: How to format / factory reset Galaxy S5

    Factory reset is good to improve your phone performance. You can boot up the speed with that. But always backup your data before doing this. You can use Samsung Kies. I was expecting one new feature.

    I thought this would be in Galaxy S5. A feature like System restore which we have in Windows. This does not restore the entire device but the settings. I hope in future we can get this things in many portable device especially in android.

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