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Thread: How to Add Take Ownership option in right click menu on Windows 8.1

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    How to Add Take Ownership option in right click menu on Windows 8.1

    Hello Friends, just joined up the forum. This is my first post here, hope you all like it. I am a Windows 8.1 user and have some tips which i would like to share here. So, here i go. File permission is the most common but neglected thing in Windows. It happen to allow f us that when there are virus or any security threat in your system you are unable to delete or move a file. We get a permission denied error.

    Windows does not has a direct option to modify the file permission. This is also a problem when you format your windows partition only. And the other folders are intact. Still old file permission are applied on the reach of this folder and windows is unable to change it after formatting. For long time I was using unlocker. But that also is limited.

    Now I am going to show you a nice small feature through which you can just right click on a folder or file and take its ownership. Ownership means maximum file permission. You can delete, modify or move files. The process which I am showing you will grant you administrator rights. The process is effective for almost all kind of Windows version but it works effectively for Windows RT, Windows 8, Windows RT 8.1, and Windows 8.1.

    Through below steps you can just right click and you will get a Take Ownership option. Just click and done. Here is how you can add the Ownership option in your windows right click menu:

    • Download this small registry file. This file is for adding Run as Administrator option for exe, cmd and msi.
    • This is a registry file. It will add a small value in Windows Registry. You can backup Windows registry before installing it.
    • Run Add_Take_Ownership.reg file. You will get a popup about adding the values. If you are not logged in Admin account it will not work.
    • And you are done. Better restart the computer to effect the changes properly. You should now see 'Take Ownership' in your right click Menu.

    Note: Add the time of merging files you might get UAC popup. Do not forget to allow it. It is better to run this files in admin mode so that you won't face any issue. You can also backup the registry which I had already mentioned above before doing this.

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    Re: How to Add Take Ownership option in right click menu on Windows 8.1

    Isn't it looks great? Yeah definitely. In case you changed your mind after adding it to context menu and want to remove, no problem. You can do it as easily as you added. What you need to do is just download this registry file and run it as you did above to add it. If you do not want this feature any more then you can run this file. It will remove the option from context menu.

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