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Thread: How to enable Menu button in Samsung Galaxy S5

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    How to enable Menu button in Samsung Galaxy S5

    Hey guys, just bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 2 days ago. very excited But i noticed some major changes in this new Galaxy device, so thought to share here and get some help as well.

    There are lots of changes done in the new Galaxy S5. I had seen the menu key here is doing a different job. Earlier when we use to press the Menu key (the capacitive key left to the home button) it use to bring up the settings and other options. But now, in S5, it brings up the recent apps. This is creating a huge problem for me.

    So, I want to enable the older Menu button back in S5, just like we had in S3 or S4 or even in Note series. I had seen a few images on Google that shows we can do it with that button. But there is a process for that. I had checked in settings but nothing is available. When I tap on that I can see only recent things of my device.

    Does anyone here know how can we enable the Menu button in Galaxy S5 ? If yes, please let me know how. Thank you very much.

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    Re: How to enable Menu button in Samsung Galaxy S5

    Yes that is replaced and its quite annoying. The menu key is really helpful when you are on the home screen. Changing the most used stuff is really irritating and most of the manufacturer does this. I am also looking for the same solution. I am constant checking inside settings, under developer options but can't find any solution. I hope this won't need a custom rom type of installation support.

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    Re: How to enable Menu button in Samsung Galaxy S5

    No you can do that from the key itself. All you have to do is just keep holding the key for few more seconds and you will see a three dots on the right top. Then tap on that and you can dig under more settings.

    You can change the functionality here and get a full size menu on the screen when you tap the key. Just enable it and done you will be able to access various settings instantly by holding the menu key.

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