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Thread: Lenovo Vibe Z Review - Blazing Fast 4G Stylish Smartphone

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    Lenovo Vibe Z Review - Blazing Fast 4G Stylish Smartphone

    Vibe Z falls in the premium edition product line by Lenovo. At a price of Rs.35000 approx, Vibe Z is like a full loaded gun machine. A high end Smartphone powered by 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 Processor that delivering thrilling performance. It does not matter what you want to run. Tons of apps, games, 3D videos works like breeze. Further Dual HD camera also captured my attention. Being a costly phone Lenovo has not kept it limited for photography. A 5MP camera site in the front screen capable of capturing really amazing selfies, and 13MP is placed at the backside helps to capture sensational images. This camera is optimized to work in low light and supported by BS1 sensor. You can record a full 1080P HD video through it.

    As per Lenovo this is the fastest 4G LTE device in the market. Till yet in our country we are not having 4G networks but in future it can help. 5.5inch screen size makes it big but not clumsy. The screen deliver a full 1920x1080 HD resolution where you have 400 ppi screen. Browse website, zoom in your photos or just use it like a eBook reader. IPS display provide 180 degree wide viewing angles. Lets move ahead and test out the entire phone in detail but before that, let's have a look at its highlights:

    • Android 4.2.2 JellyBean OS with Vibe ROM
    • Dual SIM
    • 5.5 inch Full HD IPS display
    • 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
    • 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor
    • 2GB of RAM
    • Adreno 330 GPU
    • 13 Megapixel rear camera with Auto Focus and dual LED Flash
    • 5 Megapixel front-facing camera
    • 1080p Full HD video recording
    • 16GB Internal Storage memory, Expandable slot provided
    • 4GLTE /3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth with A2DP, aGPS

    Design and Packaging:

    I am really impressed with the design. It is big but light. Not very heavy to handle and body offer good grip also. By holding Vibe Z you will surely feel you are holding some premium device. After Vibe X, Vibe Z appeared to be more optimized. A completely renovated design and good screen makes it a rocking product.

    Performance is not at all a issue. Snapdragon 800 cpu can handle various operations. Despite having a heavy price, Vibe Z can be a smart choice. The top line hardware and phablet look might be pricy but somehow Lenovo is able to load Vibe Z with all high end features. The body consist of mixture of steel and plastic element. This add a bit durability which is less satisfactory according to me.

    The phone is great in look. It can be flashy when you are holding. Back cover is what I did not like much. It is thin and made of plastic with a metal finish on the top side. The back surface is rough you can have a good grip here. You cannot remove the cover. The battery is locked inside.

    Most of the high end devices come with glossy finish. That can make device slippery. Lenovo choose to have a bit less glossy finish to add more durable feeling. Entire body is covered with a plastic frame. Volume and power buttons are placed on the edges which are covered by metal. Overall build quality is amazing here. I really like the finish.

    With round edges you can hold the device nicely. It will not slip. Overall weight of Vibe Z is 142grams only. So it is really light. At the front side there are three touch buttons. The regular one. They are home, menu and back. For checking out the apps that are working in the background you have to hold the menu button for long time. It is a bit annoying sometime, but it respond a bit slow. This is not a negative aspect but the UI feature which is common in almost all Lenovo phone.

    Vibe Z is powered by Snapdragon 800 chipset. the latest by QUALCOMM. This chipset offers a quad core power to the device. The cpu is clock at 2.2Ghz which is a high processing power. For games Vibe Z comes loaded with Adreno 300 graphic processor additional. And to handle all process a 2GB ram is more than enough.
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    Re: Lenovo Vibe Z Review - Blazing Fast 4G Stylish Smartphone

    Operating System and UI:

    Full HD screen deliver amazing viewing experience for images and videos. Dual camera support are great for photography. Other than this thing Lenovo adds 16GB internal storage which is satisfying according to me. You can extend more by adding a SD card. The device run on a high size 3000mAh battery. A bit long lasting. Vibe Z comes with android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. I am talking about the Indian model here. But this device hardware shows that it is capable of running Kitkat and Lenovo does not provide any information on that.

    We can expect a future OTA update for this. This really matters because new Kitkat OS has more feature and it is more stable. With such a high hardware config it is not fare to stick with the old operating system. Apps works really fast. There is heavy customization support available on Lenovo UI. Unlike other branded phone, Lenovo also add their own Touch Interface with various features.

    Hardware and Performace:

    Games works great on this. I had tested a few 3D games which works without lagging. Benchmarking test prove that this device is capable of defeating other high end phone like Galaxy S4, Z1, Nexus 5, etc. It comes with few pre-installed apps. Lenovo do not load their devices with too many bloat ware which are not easy to remove. Customized OS is not so impressive compared to what we get in Sony or Samsung. But still it is easy to use. Lenovo has done very little changes in the stock rom.

    Lenovo has worked more on the look part. You can customize they UI as per your need by changing the themes. Icons are nicely visible. I was expecting a bit more in the UI. The benefit of buying Vibe Z is that it comes with various unique features. Many of them are really helpful. Like the smart answer, smart dial, pocket mode and shake to unlock. This add more to accessibility. Just bring the phone to your ear and the call is on. You can also put the phone in pocket which automatically reduce the ringtone volume.

    Vibe Z comes with two more great feature. The first is Usb To Go and the other one is multi-window mode. We had already seen this in Samsung. Under Multi Window you can use tow different applications at the same time. While usb to go makes the device internal storage behave like pen drive. You can instantly move apps and files in it. There are few security apps in the phone that you cannot turn off. This are good for the phone but also on the same hand they also dry up battery juice. Vibe Z has a few helpful apps for file sharing also. Others can be downloaded for Google Play.

    One handy feature is business cards. You can manage people contact through that. Good for professionals. For extreme users this is a ideal piece of testing. One of the major doubt is battery life. It is always a consent in high end Smartphone. But Lenovo Vibe Z denies that. 1920x1080 pixel screen does not means eating too much battery. It works for longer period. The screen is clear and sharp. Watching hd videos are fun on this. This device can perform for entire day.

    You can play games, use apps, surf web and still there will be a bit battery left at the end. I am really impressed with the battery performance. This is not a new thing in Lenovo. Even if you buy budget models this Lenovo is the only brand that has a trusted battery life. Camera output is also decent. 13MP camera with BSI sensor capture amazing photos instantly. The front 5MP camera is also good when you are taking pictures in outdoors.
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    Re: Lenovo Vibe Z Review - Blazing Fast 4G Stylish Smartphone


    At a price of Rs.35000 the device is not a bad choice. If you are serious searching for a high end phone with good performance + amazing battery life then Vibe Z can fulfill your requirement. But also on the same hand Lenovo has its own UI which is not capable of competing with TouchWiz or HTC Sense. It falls short on that. 16Gb storage is ideal for strong files.

    There are few devices in the same range which gives you up to 32GBof storage at the same price. But different in hardware. I am talking about Nexus 5. What I like is Vibe Z is good design, big screen, nice battery life, usb to go features, and few professional features with good camera.
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