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Thread: What you think about OilRush PC game

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    What you think about OilRush PC game

    I love this game, first reasons is that it is made for Linux version and Double-click unit following mode. I know Defense already said this but I LOVE watching my brave little boats, and aircraft rushing in to some desperate battle, and then watching so many amazing explosions it makes your head swim, only to see what left of your once great army emerge victorious.

    BTW what you all think on this is this game best or so you like this game…

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    Re: What you think about OilRush PC game

    It’s fun and i like it, but i can’t come out and say that i love it yet though since its not in the final version yet. I love OilRush but especially Unigine because the other big companies don't care about us. It's nice to see some persons are ready to create games on GNU/Linux. Anyway, the game is so cool. I love the music. The interfaces are finished well. And, the concept around oil is a nice idea.

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    Re: What you think about OilRush PC game

    it’s a cool game but has some real issues like u use 90% of the time just mini map, 10% for checking on main screen the enemy army composition, that makes that game every boring over time and if u loose a big fight in the first somewhat minutes and enemy caps like hammerhead and fortifies u prolong the game by 15min until u unavoidably loose he then got more xp, faster super unit or faster last techtree upgrade and so on...

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