When it comes to configure Hathway Broadband to your personal Wireless Routers, it is really a very touch and hectic job. However, hathway offers their own official D-Link router but they take security deposit for the same. So, if you are having your own Wireless router and want to configure hathway on the same but not able to do it, here is a step by step guide for doing it. Let's go.

Configuring Hathwat on Router:

  • First of all, as your connection is online on desktop, you need to visit login.hathway.com and log out your account.

  • Turn off the modem completely.
  • Connect take the modem's RJ45 cable and connect to Router's ethernet port.
  • Take a second LAN cable from Router's port to your PC.
  • Now turn on Hathway modem as well as your Router.
  • Once both are turned on completely, visit login.hathway.com and login with your hathway email username and password
  • Now login to your Router. Usually it use to be In my case it is Netgear.
  • Now click on Setup Wizard and select 'I will configure Router manually'

  • On next screen, this is most important, you need to select "NO" under 'Does your internet connection require a login'. Because Hathway doesn't supports PPPoE. We need to configure it Dynamic IP Address.

  • Now select 'Get Dynamically from ISP' for IP, 'Get Automatically from ISP' for DNS and 'Use Default MAC Address'.
  • Click Apply.

That's it. Your Hathway broadband is now configure on the router. You need to setup SSID and Wireless Password and use WiFi on your Smartphones, tablets or any other WiFi enabled devices.