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Thread: Configuring Hathway Broadband on Wireless Routers - Tips

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    Configuring Hathway Broadband on Wireless Routers - Tips

    When it comes to configure Hathway Broadband to your personal Wireless Routers, it is really a very touch and hectic job. However, hathway offers their own official D-Link router but they take security deposit for the same. So, if you are having your own Wireless router and want to configure hathway on the same but not able to do it, here is a step by step guide for doing it. Let's go.

    Configuring Hathwat on Router:

    • First of all, as your connection is online on desktop, you need to visit and log out your account.

    • Turn off the modem completely.
    • Connect take the modem's RJ45 cable and connect to Router's ethernet port.
    • Take a second LAN cable from Router's port to your PC.
    • Now turn on Hathway modem as well as your Router.
    • Once both are turned on completely, visit and login with your hathway email username and password
    • Now login to your Router. Usually it use to be In my case it is Netgear.
    • Now click on Setup Wizard and select 'I will configure Router manually'

    • On next screen, this is most important, you need to select "NO" under 'Does your internet connection require a login'. Because Hathway doesn't supports PPPoE. We need to configure it Dynamic IP Address.

    • Now select 'Get Dynamically from ISP' for IP, 'Get Automatically from ISP' for DNS and 'Use Default MAC Address'.
    • Click Apply.

    That's it. Your Hathway broadband is now configure on the router. You need to setup SSID and Wireless Password and use WiFi on your Smartphones, tablets or any other WiFi enabled devices.

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    Re: Configuring Hathway Broadband on Wireless Routers - Tips

    Hi everybody. I just joined this forum today.

    A very interesting and useful post. Thank you Shayam.

    I recently, 28 Jan 2016, moved from BSNL to Hathway for my Broadband service.
    The techies came and replaced my DLink D615 modem, with one from Hathway. They also connected their Modem to a Hathway WiFi Router.
    I needed to extend the range of connectivity to my bedroom, so I asked them to connect an RJ45 cable to my own DLink DSL 2520U, which they did. Now my Router in the bedroom also works fine. The pwd was set by the Hathway techie.

    Presently the system is working well and no complaints. I am getting 43 Mbps browsing speed compared to 4.65 with my old BSNL connection. I hope it remains so.

    I am able to reset my Pwd on the Hathway WiFi router from my computer by URL

    I have two questions:
    1. What is the procedure to access and change the Pwd on my Bedroom (extended) Dlink Router?

    2. I also have a NetGear WiFi ADSL Modem Router DG834GT. I asked the Techie if it is possible to replace my DLink DSL 2520U in the bedroom with my NETGEAR router.
    He tells me that because it is an ADSL router it cannot be used on the extension.
    I am seeking confirmation of this statement from this forum.

    TIA n Rgds
    Cdr Lele

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    Unknown WiFi router password

    Hello guys I have one doubt about my WiFi router which was provided to me by Hathway.This day I had called up Hathway for a new connection at my home. The techie came at my place and set up the modem and WiFi router provided by Hathway. He also gave me my WiFi username and password which was preconfigured by Hathway.Now the next day, I recognized that my WiFi password was too weak and anybody could crack it. So I typed in in Google Chrome and it took me to the WiFi router configuration page. I had to type in the username and password. I typed in admin in the username and admin in the password blank because I know that this is the default password of D-link routers. But it showed me username/password is wrong. I also tried putting in my WiFi password but I got the same response. Now I am stuck with my old weak password. I haven't called Hathway yet as it is very hectic to have the techies come at my place and do stuff. My question is, has anyone of you been through this situation or does anyone know what Hathway usually keeps the password of routers ? I haven't been provided with any kind of pamphlet or booklet on which the password is written. I was even told the WiFi password and username orally. Please help me

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    Re: Configuring Hathway Broadband on Wireless Routers - Tips

    Well that used to be the DEFAULT user/pass for D-link routers, but it is always possible to change. And everybody changes their password for security. So, it is possible that the Hathway provide you with new user/pass. So, the only way is to call up Hathway and ask them what the user/pass they have set.

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    Re: Configuring Hathway Broadband on Wireless Routers - Tips

    Thank's for this tutorial. I've found something like this for all models, but I have some special settings on my has it's own web interface

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