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Thread: How does Heartbleed works?

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    How does Heartbleed works?

    There is a lot of news on web about Heartbleed virus. It is being spread around various website. I want to know how it really works. Does not it affect mobile platform also. If yes then how. I am installing too many games in my pc and on my tablet. I hope my devices are not infected. Till yet my antivirus does not gives me any warning sign out the virus detection. How it actually works and what harm it can cause.

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    Re: How does Heartbleed works?

    Heartbleed is a virus. It is a exploit. Exploit means a bug left by the programmer in a software. And a hacker can take benefit from that. This exploit is present in open ssl. Open SSL is a encryption standard used by many websites. This bug can allow attackers to access important information.

    This bug affect a huge amount of domain around the globe. The hacker here can only take out information. It cannot do anything in a website. You should better read this article "All about Heartbleed bug and its Infection" having complete details about HeartBleed.

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    Re: How does Heartbleed works?

    There is no cure for that yet. But there are scanners available that can tell you whether your device is having this bug or not. You can download that from Google Play. If your device is founded with the bug then you have to take care.

    Never use your banking website on the device. Change password of your important website and logins. That will surely help you for the time being. Security firms are taking step to fix this problem.

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    Re: How does Heartbleed works?

    The bug can cause problem with various web servers. And this risk is growing. After news leaked on the web this exploit has alerted many. But still there are ample of sites which are not really working on fixing the issue. Major concern lies with banking stuff. Where someone can easily access your stored password directly from the server memory. The bug also affect android devices. Google itself confirmed that many of its devices are vulnerable.

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