Poll: Should Upgrade to Galaxy S5 or not?

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Thread: Should i upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S5

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    Should i upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S5

    Hello friend, i require some urgent attention of you. I am having a Samsung Galaxy S4 with me, bought it about 6 months ago, really impressed with its performance and features, specially the Air Gesture. Have no problem with it.

    But now watched some videos of the new Galaxy S5 and that too appears quite impressive. So, wanted to know if it is good to upgrade from S4 to S5? I know the price of S5 is pretty high, i mean about 700 USDs is too much for a phone but phone seems impressive.

    So what you guys think. Is Galaxy S5 worth upgrading from Galaxy S4?

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    Re: Should i upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S5

    Personally i dont think it is good decision to upgrade to Galaxy S5, is you are happy with your S4 which is bought recently.

    1. The very first thing is Satisfaction, if you are satisfied with S4 (as you only said) then there is no need to upgrade.
    2. Second major point is price difference. While S4 comes somewhere around $500 (less than Rs. 30K), Samsung has priced S5 at over $700. Not a worth.
    3. Third, there is not much important features this time in Galaxy S flagship. I hope you are not impressed with Heart Rate monitor. Hope you are not heart patient

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    Re: Should i upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S5

    Hello Santy,

    Only new features are not the reason to upgrade from one smartphone to another. You should also see the hardware and specs. Hope you know Galaxy S4 is running with Qualcomm 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor while the new S5 is powered with Qualcomm 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor which is way to faster than the S4.

    Dont you think Speed matters? It does. Apart from the processor, you can also compare the camera. Samsung has introduced Galaxy S5 with all new Selective Auto Focus and Hybrid Autofocus features which i have not seen in any other smartphone where you can select Focus area after capturing the image.

    If, i was you, i would have surely upgraded to Galaxy S5, subject to, if i have enough money.

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    Re: Should i upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S5

    The best thing i know is, you should buy your phone as per your requirement. As you said you are too happy with S4 because of its features, then there is no reason to waste extra over 700 dollars again just for a camera's Selective Auto Focus feature. You can better buy a digital camera are much more affordable price.

    As far as processor is concerned, again the requirement matter. Galaxy S4's 1.9GHz is still far enough for me as well in browsing or playing games. I will not upgrade to S5 for next few months, until they drop the price to some extent.

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    Re: Should i upgrade from Samsung Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S5

    As we know Samsung use to always introduce some new and unique features with all of its S series and Note series flagship, here are some Unique features introduced with Galaxy S5, which are not in galaxy S4:

    • Faster processor - 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor
    • Camera video - 4K video recording (4 times of Full HD)
    • Camera Picture - Hybrid Autofocus, Selective Focus, and Selective Blur.
    • New features - Heart Rate sensor, Fingerprint scanner, only device compatible with Gear Fit
    • Another new feature - Download Booster allowing you to use Mobile data as well as WiFi together for downloading.

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