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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S5 top 10 tips and tricks

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 top 10 tips and tricks

    After revealing the next Galaxy Flagship last month, Samsung started shipping Galaxy S5 around the world today. Just like other flagship devices, galaxy S5 is no doubt a powerful device with 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM along with a 5.1 inch full HD Super AMOLED Touch Screen display. As usual, Samsung introduce some new unique features as well with S5 such as Heart rate sensor, Geo News, Kids Mode and all new power management solution. Today, i am going to post here the top 10 tips and tricks about Samsung Galaxy S5 which will help you to understand the device quite quickly. So, here they are:

    How to use Power Saving Mode:

    Samsung has worked really hard this time to provide batter battery backup. They increased the battery upto 2800 mAh Battery, which is better compared to S4 or earlier S series smartphones. Along with this, they have also provided a powerful battery management along with Ultra power saving mode.

    Once you activate this mode, your S5 will offer unbelievable talk time as well as standby time. Power Saving icon is provided obviously under settings but you can easily access it from the Notification Panel as well. Once activated, the device cuts off all background data services, it turns into greyscale mode where you display turns out into gray color which in return saves the battery consumption. Best of all, it also restricts the performance by limiting the processor consumption. Pretty useful.

    Using Emergency Mode:

    We see this function in many smartphones now a days. As it is name suggests, you might have got an idea about its functionality. Yes, it is used in emergency situation. Once enabled, the phone will send your location details, along with buzzing and alarm and sending messages to your assigned contacts that you are in need of help.

    You can access emergency mode by going into Phone Settings, tap Safety assistance and tap Emergency mode. Enable it from there. As per shortcut, you can press and hold the power/screen lock key for couple of seconds which brings up the Emergency options along with Power Off or Restart options.

    Using Smart Remote:

    We have seen Galaxy devices to be used as infrared remote for smart TVs, Galaxy S5 can be used as Smart Remote as well. Just not Samsung but this is has been also seen in few LG smartphones. Galaxy S5 comes with a built-in App allowing your device to be used as Smart Remote and making the tasks quite easy. You just need to open the App, select your location and TV service provider, that's it. Now everything is on your phone's display.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 top 10 tips and tricks

    How to use Download Booster:

    This is the very unique features which is, as of now, only available in Galaxy S5. As its name suggests, the feature boost your Downloads. How, well it is made quite simple.

    As of now we were able to either use WiFi OR mobile data (2G, 3G, LTE, etc). But once Download Booster is activated in Galaxy S5, you can download the files by combining both Wifi and Mobile data together. Very helpful, isn't it? Now, to use the Download Booster you need to go to Phone Settings, tap Download booster and enable it. Make sure you have turned on both WiFi and Mobile data from the notification panel.

    How to use Kids Mode:

    Kids Mode is a kind of Parental control system, which we have also seen on Lumia devices apart from PCs. But the Kids mode provided in Galaxy S5 is pretty different from all those. It just not restricts the access but also provides very attractive display and apps for your kids. On the other hand, all your personal and important stuffs will be out of reach from them.

    Talking about apps and attractive stuffs, your kids will have access to separate gallery, they can use the camera for capturing pictures, they have access to image editor where they can play with several image effects and lots more. In order to activate Kids Mode go to Settings and tap Pin Unlock settings.

    How to Control and change settings on Samsung Gear Fit

    As we know Galaxy S5 itself comes with fitness features, it also supports the new Galaxy Gear Fit, a kind of wearable. Infact, Gear fit is only compatible with Galaxy S5 itself as of now and no other S series or Note series devices. You can control your Gear Fit with app on your Galaxy S5 called Gear Fit Manager.

    Once paired with the phone you can change the wallpaper, or set the clock of your Gear Fit from this app on the phone. To do this, open Gear Fit Manager app and tap Edit Home Screen. Here you will find the options to change wallpaper or clock.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 top 10 tips and tricks

    Using Heart Rate sensor:

    Samsung Galaxy S5 is the one and only phone in the world that comes with built-in heart rate checking sensors. You can find it just below the rear camera, which usually appears as camera Flash, but it is not. To use it, Samsung has provided a built-in app called S Health.

    So, to check your heart rate, you need to open S Health, tap on Heart rate option and wait for couple of seconds until the phone says you to put the Finger on the scanner. Now you need to put your index finger on the sensors provided below camera for about a minute until the app complete it task. After 60 seconds, the app will display your heart rate figures on the screen.

    What is Geo News:

    As the name suggest, this app helps you with geographical conditions. It comes built-in with Galaxy S5 that lets you know everything about your location weather such as calamities or if any severe weather conditions around your current location. You can get the reports in the app as well as via notifications. What you need to do is enable Geo News by going to Phone Settings and Safety assistance.

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