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Thread: Samsung Gear Fit Review

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    Samsung Gear Fit Review

    Samsung has established itself as an unbeatable brand in different segments like smartphones, tablets, laptops, LCD and even LEDS. Innovation is the thing that has helped Samsung reach this stage, and it makes sure that it comes with something new in regular interval of time. Smartphones of this company is well reputed and loved by all. Now Samsung is experimenting in new segments too. You might be aware by now of Samsung’s launch of Gear with Samsung Galaxy Note 3, from that date till now Samsung has released its third installment in smart watches.

    Samsung Gear, Samsung Gear Neo and now its turn for Samsung Gear fit. World has glued their eyes on the Samsung’s announcement and are eager to know what’s next in smart watch. We will review Samsung Gear Fit and will give you a proper idea whether this device is better smart watch or better fitness band or something else.

    It is said that Samsung will release its Samsung Gear Fit along with two smart watches named Gear 2 and Gear Neo. Samsung Gear Fit is said to be little heavier but little less in technological advancement. Design of the watch is amazing and eye catchy, with curved 1.85-inch OLED display that gives superior look and colour output. Display cannot be flexed but still it looks stunning with silver border around. Samsung Gear Fit falls in watch segment and watch requires to be comfortable on hands, if you don’t have broad wrist then do not worry it still looks perfect on your hand.

    If we compare Gear Fit smart watch with Garmin Vivofit and Nike Fuelband then you will find this device to be little shady but is lot more comfortable than most of its competitors. Watch should be light on hand so that it does not strain you or distract you while you working or carry on with any stuffs. If you wear this watch for more than 15 minutes you will probably forget about the smart watch on your wrist, it is made so light and comfortable.

    Not only the design and comfort of the Gear Fit is different from Garmin Vivofit or Jawbone Up24 but interface of the device is also different. Others opt for simpler interface, always on monochrome LCD but Samsung Gear Fit is different from them, you can change wallpaper on your watch to have vibrant display.Working on the OS is also smooth and you will be surprised that how come a smaller screen less than 2-inch have so smooth layout and smooth flow. Swiping towards left and right of the watch feels good and you can select the application on the watch with single gentle tap. Display looks very beautiful even if it is so small and touch response is also really good on Samsung Gear Fit.

    Sensitive screen also has drawback of touching the unwanted apps accidently. Touch is so sensitive that while swiping it may happen that you land on different app which you were not wiling to open. If you are working regularly on your smart watch then you won’t be doing this mistake and you will be gliding around apps efficiently. You might have experienced bigger screen of 8-inch tablets and 5-inch smartphones but feeling the touch of small screen sized device will drive your crazy and you will definitely appreciate the work of Samsung.

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    Re: Samsung Gear Fit Review

    Gear Fit has only one button on the top of the watch and this button will help you to make your watch sleep and power on. Double press the button and your device is active. You can customize the button to activate screen and also you can use to see the notifications in instant and get a quick update of all activities carried on that day.

    As it falls in smart watch segment it should have clear readings of the display in bright light and under sun. Samsung has made this device as fitness band too and keeping that in mind Samsung has provided with brightness control option from 1-6 and by increasing this to higher point you will be able to see the contents clearly on your Samsung Gear Fit. It also has Outdoor mode which automatically increases the brightness of the device and becomes legible under sun or bright light. If you have adjusted screen brightness to level 6 to see clearly under sun then after 5 minutes it will automatically drop down to 4th level of brightness to save the battery of your Gear Fit. Smart watch has smart features associated within and is very effective and Samsung has kept all the small things in the mind and came up with innovative smart watch.

    Samsung Gear Fit is not always on which is a drawback because every time you need to access your watch to check timing you will have to click the button to make your device wake up and you can see the timing on your watch. To overcome this drawback Samsung has given unique feature which works on sensors of the watch. If you tilt the phone to 90 degree it will wake up and you can see the timing on your watch. But you might find pressing button more convenient than turning the watch to 90 degree.

    You are also given with heart rate monitor feature which you can access from the menu or start your run and enable it. Heart rate monitor is good feature to have in smart watch as now you can check your heart rate easily with your smart watch. You no longer need to put a strap on your chest to measure your heart rate but you need to keep your hand still to get perfect reading. If you move while measuring heart rate you will be notified with error but when you freeze your hands to check your heart rate you will be provided with desired result. Apart from heart rate monitor you can also enjoy pedometer feature which will track your movement through out the day. Gear Fit also has bare-bones feature which is not much impressive but necessary to mention because this feature is provided in your Gear Fit.

    With all these features in smart watch it might raise a question in your mind that this device should be placed in smart watch or fitness band segment. To get the most out of it you need to pair up with the Samsung smartphone. All you need to do is just set up a Samsung account and pair up with your Samsung device and get connect to your Gear Fit Manager app quickly. Samsung account registration is easy all you need to enter is your height, weight and other necessary personal details in to S Health app to get started. Apart from non-fitness notifications you can read emails, messages and many more on your Gear Fit display. even though the display is small you will not only be able to see compatible version of email and messages but you are given out with handy quick reply option to generate response if you wish to. All is managed so well within the device you won’t get any issues while operating your smart watch and apps on it.

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    Re: Samsung Gear Fit Review

    Most important thing which is quite compulsory for every smart watch is that you can change track of music while jogging or running on tread mill. If you are using smartphone changing your track might get a bit uncomfortable. Gear Fit will allow you to change track, choose track easily and you will be able to play your favourite tracks without any pains of pulling out your smartphone. Gear 2 had limitations of compatibility with most of the Samsung smartphones, as it was just compatible with Note 3 earlier but later on few devices got added in the list but Gear Fit has wide range of smartphones compatibility option.

    Gear Fit device has good battery backup and last for more than 2 days with single charge. You can use your smart watch in a smart manner to increase the battery backup of your watch. You are given with micro USB slot to charge your smart watch like you do with your smartphone. Compared to other fitness band, Gear Fit has good battery backup and good feature as well.


    Design and display of this smart watch is just amazing and one might consider this smart watch to be a fitness band with many health app. Samsung smartphones are only device which can be connected with this smart watch and you cannot load other apps to your smart watch, you will use same set of apps which is provided by Samsung. Overall,a wonderful innovation by Samsung and it would definitely be welcomed in the market with great applause.

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    Re: Samsung Gear Fit Review

    I have also bought samsung galaxy gear fir. I am loving it. It gives me smart and stylish look.

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