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Thread: Installing Nokia X ROM on Karbonn Android phones

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    Installing Nokia X ROM on Karbonn Android phones

    Nokia X is the first android phone by Nokia with a tweaked OS. It is bit sleek and fast. Time has come where we can finally install X rom on any other device. And everyone will be love to check that. Today I am going to show you process to install Nokia X rom on Karbonn A9+ Smartphone. This will work and can help you to get a nice android UI. If you think your existing OS is boring or slow then you can try to have the tile based ui on your karbonn device. This rom also works on Karbonn A21. I am not sure about the other UI.

    This rom will give you a fluid environment. You can get all your apps on the home page directly. You can get exactly the same interface. The rom works really nice and does not lag. It will help you to improve the phone performance and battery life both. This is a kind of custom installation process. Where you have to install the rom and wipe out old one. It will only work on rooted phone. The rom is tested on the above mentioned Karbonn phone only. I am not confident about other devices. You can test but after taking backup. The process will be same. After rooting when you get rom access you can backup the factory rom. And the restoration process will be also easy.

    Things to do before:

    • Backup your phone data. The process is going to wipe out everything. So use available third party tools to backup everything.
    • Charge your phone. Do not go ahead unless there is more than 70% of battery in the device.
    • Enable usb debugging. You can do that from Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.
    • Update your device with latest Nokia X usb drivers. You can find that on the official website.
    • You have to root your Nokia X phone before moving ahead. Without that the process will fail. If you had already rooted then re-verify. For that you can install Root Checker app from Google Play.
    • Perform all the steps as mentioned below. You can install this rom on your own risk. Improper process can brick the device.
    • Download Nokia X Rom from here.
    • Install Rom Manager App in your phone.
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    Re: Installing Nokia X ROM on Karbonn Android phones

    Installation Process:

    • You have t first move the Nokia X ROM in the internal storage of your device. You can do that through usb cable. Copy the file in the memory card of your phone.
    • Now launch Rom Manager application. This app will help you to boot your phone in recovery or TWRP mode. You can do that manually also. But using Rom Manager is much more easier.
    • Once you are in recovery mode use the volume button to navigate. Choose wipe Data and Wipe SystemCache in it.
    • Once you are done with that you have to now choose Mount System and Data.
    • The app will ask you for the firmware file. Choose that from the sd card and install it.
    • Wait back until the installation is over. The process will take some time. Once done your device will reboot.
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