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Thread: How to Root Nokia X+ Plus

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    How to Root Nokia X+ Plus

    Nokia X+ belongs to the android product line of Nokia. Finally they landed to give some amazing android devices. But there are major changes in the OS. Instead of using stock or optimized Android rom, Nokia completely modified its firmware and added a entirely new operating system with all Microsoft services. It is durable and handy. Nokia had designed a bridge device that lies between Windows and Android. It has a nice tile screen and you can install various apk file on that. Google Play does not support this device. But still we can download the apk files hosted by other play store. This devices proves to be a quality product. It comes loaded with a few preinstalled apps like Nokia Maps Here, MixRadio, OneDrive Microsoft, Skype, etc.

    When this device was out first I was worried about app support. But Nokia officially said that this device is going to work with all apk files. The device features a low end processor power. It has a dual core Snapdragon cpu with 512 MB of RAM only. So playing games is not so impressive. It can be termed as a entry level device. 4GB rom is not enough but you can still extend that to 32GB. You can root the device and make it more better. We have earlier seen how to root Nokia X and install all Google services, making it pure Android phone. And now, today we will see how can we root its elder brother, Nokia X+ . Till now there is no custom rom released in them market. But in future we can expect that. Remember, rooting will left to loss of warranty.


    • Backup your phone completely. There can be loss of data so just copy everything on your pc.
    • Charge your phone before moving ahead. Do not attempt to root the device is the charging is below 50%.
    • Rooting will cause loss of warranty. So avoid the same.
    • Update your system with original device drivers. Do not attempt to root if your device remains undetected.
    • You have to download Nokia X+ rooting package on your system. Do not use this file on any other nokia devices. It is only tested to work with Nokia X+.
    • You will need a memory card for rooting. It is also possible to root through internal storage. But running the file from SD card is safer.
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    Re: How to Root Nokia X+ Plus

    Installation Process:

    • Extract the content of Nokia X+ rooting package in a folder of your desktop.

    • Connect the device to your pc through original usb cable and move the file in the memory card.

    • Now disconnect the file. Go in File Manager app. By default Nokia X+ comes with Astro File Manager. Open it.

    • Navigate to the folder where you had copied the file. You have to find framaroot.apk.

    • Tap on it. From the next screen tap on Gandalf. Wait back. The process will take a few minutes. Once it is done properly the device will reboot automatically.

    • That's it. Nokia X+ is now rooted. You can use different custom rom on the same. Soon we are going to get a Kitkat 4.4 firmware for this device. I will add the guide later on.
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