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Thread: How to Unlock HTC One M8 Bootloader

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    How to Unlock HTC One M8 Bootloader

    One M8 is the latest flagship model by HTC which is impressive in features. HTC brings all new level of quality in this. It has extremely durable body. No matter how you use the screen is covered with hardened Gorilla Glass 3. And the body consist of aluminum element. That makes it really strong. This does not means it is heavy. Next big thing in this device is a good-sized screen and amazing resolution. 5 inches is more than enough to do various job on the device. But the size makes it less pocket friendly. The width on the other hand is 70.6. still you can use it with one hand. Full HD gives great contrast. The internal storage is 16GB and supports 128GB extra storage via microSD. It has a quad-core platform. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with 2GB RAM.

    Today I am going to show you how you can unlock the bootloader of this device. Most of the branded phone have a locked rom/bootloader. Due to which you cannot install custom rom or custom recovery on it. This is also called as the rooting process. Through which you can make your phone work more better. You can install various apps and games and remove bloatware. So let's move ahead with unlocking the bootlaoder. Follow the steps mentioned below properly and precisely. Any mistake can led to a dead phone. This is unofficial method which will ultimately result in warranty lost.


    • Backup your entire phone data. You can use various backup apps or you can also use HTC Sync Manager to copy the files in your pc. This can be easily restored later on.
    • Charge your phone. There must be atleast 80% of battery left in your device.
    • Enable usb debugging. You can find that in Settings > Developer Options > Usb Debugging.
    • Update your Windows system with latest HTC USB drivers. If you have HTC Sync installed then skip this step.
    • You will need to register your One M8 on HTC site. Your email id will be required for unlock code.
    • The device might stuck in boot loop mode. You will have to follow the entire process again, in case.
    • Install Android Fastboot on your system before unlocking the bootloader.
    • Remember this is a unofficial method. This will void phone warranty permanently. So do this on your own risk.

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    Re: How to Unlock HTC One M8 Bootloader

    Unlocking Process:

    • Go on We will require a unlock code which can be found on this site only. Here you have to look for Boot loader Unlock page. Click on that.

    • The next thing you have to do is select the device model which is HTC One M8.

    • The click on Begin Unlock Boot loader. You will get a terms and condition box. Read that carefully. If you are satisfied then you can move ahead. Or you can revert back if thing this is not proper.

    • Now switch off your mobile phon. Hold the volume down + power key at the same time for few second. The device will enter Boot Loader mode. From the volume key select fastboot. Connect the device with pc through original htc usb cable. If you have the latest usb drivers the phone will be detected. If not then you will see a new hardware installation wizard. Install the drivers.

    • Now the device is fast boot mode. And it is connected. Run command prompt. Type "fastboot devices" and hit enter. If the device is properly connected then it will get detected or else you will get a error message.

    • After that once you see the device the serial number will come in the command window. This means we can move ahead. Type "Fastboot oem get_identifier_token" and hit enter.

    • Now right click on the command prompt window and from the menu chose Mark. You have to select the Identifier Token. This will be between Identifier Token Start - Identifier Token End. Select that and then copy it.

    • You have to know go back on Paste the code and click on submit. Unlock code will be delivered in your email address. You will receive a unlock_code.bin file. You have to download this.

    • Copy the file in a folder and in that hold shift + right click > Launch command window.

    • Once done you have to type "fastboot flash unlocktoken Unclock_code.bin" and hit enter. The device will ask you for confirmation. Give yes and done.

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