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Thread: Micromax Canvas Knight A350 Review

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    Micromax Canvas Knight A350 Review

    Micromax Canvas Knight A350 Octra Core Android Smartphone at Rs 19,999 is a true deal. Micromax loads the device with beneficial hardware so that people can push it to extreme performance. There is no looking back. Canvas Turbo A250 released last year looks to be older brother of Knight. A few things are common between both. Extending Canvas segment, Micromax leaves is no lesser flaws to compete with other brands. We all feel the price hype when popular brand release extreme edition phone and let us think 10 times before buying. Thanks to android revolution, local brand appeared and generated a entirely new segment of budget brands. Micromax Canvas Knight A350 is the best example I can give you. You are getting a 2Ghz Octa Core processor, 2GB ram and 32G Storage. What more you need at 20 grands.

    MediaTek MT MT 6592 is the true Octa core performer solution allowing any app to run with ease. Over that 2GB handle all customization making things blazing fast. And of course whooping 32GB storage is enough carry everything. The phone does not has a memory card slot, that means no more expandable storage. It also beat other device when it comes to Camera. 8MP front and 16MP back camera is amazing. Both of them give you Full HD 1080P video support. 4.2 Jellybean OS add all the latest app compatibility and 2350 mAh battery is enough to use for entire day. This gives me a satisfactory feeling that this device is giving me everything for amount I gave. Micromax Canvas Knight A350 no doubt is a good device and I am going to test it thoroughly.

    Packaging and Accessories:

    It come packed in rectangular shape box with curve edges. This resemble the phone design. It has a impressive packing. Glossy top cover with phone packed inside and all other stuff at the bottom. Following are the things that come in the box other than mobile phone.

    • 3.5mm In-ear Headphones
    • USB Charger
    • Manuals
    • Screen Cover
    • Sim Ejector


    Canvas Knight looks amazing. From no angle you can say it would be some kind of local brand. Curve edges and flash body makes it sleek and amazing while holding. I just feel like I am holding a iPhone. It is not very thick. Just perfect with the dimension. For your information this phone has a unibody design. The body is rough from backside. A sim slot is accessible through pin similar to Apple devices. From the top it looks great. Dark color makes it less flashy. Full HD IPS display is on the front side and required buttons are placed on the sides. Curved design does not affect the grip. It makes the phone more comfortable to hold.

    The build quality is expensive. It is not wearing a thin plastic enclosure. Rather it is tough and can be considered as durable. Screen offers vibrant color and good viewing angles. Text are clearly visible under sunlight. 1920x1080 is the max hd resolution here. Proximity and Ambient light sensor hold places on the front top. This is the first time I think Micromax giving you high MP camera on the front.

    8MP is good for video chat and capturing great pictures. There is a limitation. Video recording is only possible on VGA, which makes the camera less useful. Tiny led notification is placed in the earpiece for smart feedback. The volume keys are on the top right with power on the top. Second Micro Sim slot is also place in the same side. There is a tiny sim tray that can be pulled out when you insert the sim remover. It comes in the package. Power button is provided below. Canvas Knight is only 7.8mm thick. Glossy finish over the top side makes the screen dirty really fast.

    The device comes in different color. They are Black, While/Gold and Black/Gold. A 3.5mm audio jack is on the top. Micro usb slot is at the bottom with microphone. Loudspeaker are also placed at the bottom. This smartly manage the audio. Many high-end phone have speaker on the backside. The audio is blocked when you keep phone on a platform. At the backside a 16MP camera is placed with LED flash. Capturing amazing photos in low light. If you find the phone slippery then you can use the protective cover that comes in the package.
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    Re: Micromax Canvas Knight A350 Review


    Canvas Knight got popular due to its large camera. After seeing specs for the first time I was really excited to test it. 8MP front and 16MB back are huge camera. Lets checkout how this is going to benefit. Primary camera comes with 1/2.3? OmniVision BSI 2 sensor. A next generation backside illumination technology powerful enough to give amazing image quality under all type of light condition. M8 Largan Len and f/2.2 aperture add more precision in image quality. Operating camera is simple.

    The phone runs on stock Android OS. It is surprised that even after releasing so many devices in the market, Micromax did not came up with their own customized UI. You can capture gif images through camera. You can also take 3D panorama. The camera app also has a image editor where you can remove the objects from the images via burst shot. You can also control the camera through voice commands. You can also record Animation (Gif) images.

    I found the camera good for taking macro shots. Images are crisp and clear. Focus is also great. Canvas Knight has a great camera but at some point I found the image a bit dull. This can be due to limitation of image processor. You can use third party image editing tool to make images more better. If you are taking photos in outdoor then images are awesome. But when you are indoor with low light images can collect more noise. Adding two camera can fascinate anyone but after testing I found them average.


    Canvas Knight is powered by MediaTek MT6592 chipset. This hold 8 ARM Cortex-A7 processors clocked at 2Ghz each. This makes multi-tasking really fast. Apps open up within glimpse of eye. Games also work fine. The graphics is powered by Mali 450-MP4 GPU which is stronger for hd gaming. Powerful Octa Core chipset offer high end performance. Multiple apps works really fast at the same time. You can keep a download on and at the same time you can video chat with your friends. The phone works smoothly. 2GB ram further holds more active applications.

    There can be major performance problem if Micromax has limited the ram to 1GB. This is the biggest plus point. If you need flawless output avoid installing 3D launchers. This will slow down. HD video works fast with the integrated video player. You can skip video and response is instant. I was really surprised after running benchmarking test. This device score more than Samsung Galaxy S4 and Moto G.

    I am quite happy with the results. No lag and smooth output is constant. Large storage allow you to download bigger files. Only issue I notice is heating up. Device heat up really fast while downloading and while playing games. The UI and default apps does not bring big surprise. The device has a stock rom that gives you all default options. You can get a bit bass boost and 3d sound effect in the internal audio player. Sound quality of loud speaker is also good.

    To give high end audio Micromax has added Yamaha Amplifier in the device. This deliver amazing audio in earphones. On loudspeaker the audio is not very loud but good. It is not disturbing. You can enjoy great music nearby.
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    Re: Micromax Canvas Knight A350 Review

    Battery Life:

    Canvas Knight has a decent battery life. Being a phablet it is necessary to have a good battery power for long usage. High end Smartphone lack good battery juice. But in this device we get 2350mAh battery. Little more than the older edition. 2350mAH battery is use wisely can work for the multiple days. And if you a gaming freak then still this phone has enough juice for while day. Micromax has added a good battery power that fulfill your need for daily use. Use 3G, play games and videos with one single charge for atleast 4 to 6 on active internet connection. But less at gaming.

    The cpu comes with a saving mode. That add a restriction on the power usage, ultimately boosting the battery power. This also keeps the cpu cooler. Octa core does not means poor battery, but average. I am not disappointed here. There are many things which are active in the phone and draw out battery power. For those who will travel, should carry a portable power bank. Battery can run for entire day if usage is optimal. Low brightness, 2G, screen timeout, power saver mode, can help.


    Spending Rs.20,000 on Canvas Knight is worth. Other high-end phone easily cross 30K, but you are getting lot more than that in this budget device. Gaming works smooth. All HD games are compatible. GTA San Andreas, NOVA 3, etc are the few game I played. The screen is super smooth for navigation. Micromax has done various changes in improving this phone after they came out with Turbo. It looks they had just revamped it with added performance. The device is ideal for professional usage also. Large screen and high MP camera fulfill your multimedia and photography requirement.

    The phone score amazing in benchmarking. It is capable of beating other branded phones in the market like Galaxy S4 or Nexus 5 in Atutu and Quadrant.. Stock Android 4.2 OS comes with the default features. If Micromax can optimize it then more battery life is preserved. From provided 32GB storage only 25GB is provided to the users. I am sure after rooting I can gain more than that. Micromax has not overcharged. They had kept the device cost at affordable range.

    • Amazing Screen Quality.
    • Good Body Design
    • Good Performance

    • Camera Quality not as expected.
    • Battery Life Average on gaming
    • Overheat fast on Gaming and Downloading.
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