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Thread: How to install and configure ADB/Fastboot

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    How to install and configure ADB/Fastboot

    ADB or Android Debug Bridge is the most required thing for installation of custom rom and or rooting any device. Many do not have this. So if you are planning to root your device in future or if you test different custom ROMs on man device then ADB is must for you. ADB helps you to communicate with the device on command mode. This is the process where flash the phone rom which is not possible in regular mode. It is quiet helpful in fixing your phone also. So let's move ahead with installation of this.

    Below I had provided process for Windows system. You can install this quiet easily. There are few things you have to download. One thing I want to mention that when you are using adb with your device it is very important that you use the original usb cable and you must have the usb drivers for particular device. You can find the same on the official site of your mobile manufacturer. The setup has two parts. First we will install ADB and second we will configure Android ADB/Fastboot. This is used for flashing rom.

    Installing ADB:

    • This is quite simple. Download Android SDK tools. You can download that form the official website.
    • Download JDK 7. This is a required component. It is essential that you must only install the x86 version on your system even if you are using a 64bit pc. This will reduce the compatibility problem. Once you are done with download install it. Keep all the things on default settings at the time of setup.

    • Once you are done with that you can go ahead with Android SDK tools installation. You will get a executable file for Windows. You have to follow all default settings for this.
    • Once this thing is over you have to download Google USB Driver and install them also on your system. This is required for many unbranded phone.
    • The ADB is now setup on your pc. And also you had installed the fastboot drivers. You can connect your device and see that whether it is detected or not.

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    Re: How to install and configure ADB/Fastboot

    Installing ADB/Fastboot:

    • Once you are done with the above thing we will now setup fastboot. For that you have to move adb.exe located in C:\\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools and AdbWinApi.dll file. It is located inside C:\\android-sdk-windows\tools and fastboot.exe. Just move that to C:\Fastboot. If the folder is not available create a new one.
    • Now there are three files. They are adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll and fastboot.exe. Just verify this files properly and see that they are in the above mentioned location.
    • The second thing you have to do is copy the image files in the same fastboot folder.
    • Hold shift from the keyboard and then Right click in the folder. You are now in fastboot. You just have to run commands from here to flash or root your phone after connecting the device (enable usb debugging).

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