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Thread: How to Root Nokia X Android Phone to run all Google services

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    How to Root Nokia X Android Phone to run all Google services

    Nokia, a well known brand since a decade who provided us several amazing Symbian and Windows Phone 8 devices has finally launched their first ever Android based smartphone named "Nokia X". However this is not the pure Android device. Nokia has made several changes in the code and removed Google services, instead put Microsoft services. But, being an Android phone we all need to run Google services on Nokia X, right? But How?

    Thanks to an XDA member Kashamalaga who made this possible. He has posted a detailed guide of Rooting Nokia X after which you will be able Google Apps (Gapps) in the phone which will make your Nokia X work completely like a pure Android phone. By saying this i mean it will run all Google applications and services like Google Now. You might know that Moto X listens you always and you can operate the phone without touching it. What if your Nokia X works in the same way? Yes, it is possible after you complete this Guide successfully. There is a Video from Fonearena attached below showing Google Now working on your Nokia X phone, completely on voice commands.

    So, lets start the rooting process of your Nokia X, but Note that after doing this the warranty will be dead of your phone and if anything goes wrong, neither Nokia nor me (or this site)and definitely not XDA is responsible. However the process has been tested successfully on this phone (as shown in the video as well) but you will have to go through on your own Risk. If you agree, just move ahead and unlock all limitations of your Nokia X by rooting the same.

    Required Files:

    After you are ready with all these downloaded files, we can move ahead to the installation process.

    Rooting and Installation Process:

    1. First of all connect your Nokia X phone with computer and copy the Framaroot.apk on your mobile.
    2. Disconnect the phone and install Framaroot on your device.
    3. Once install, launch Framaroot and tap on Install SuperSU.
    4. Now Tap on Gandalf. Now wait for a while and your Nokia X is Rooted.
    5. Now restart the phone. After reboot you will find Super SU installed on your Nokia X which means it is Rooted.
    6. As next step, you need to go to the store, Download and install Root Explorer. Dont forget to install it with root access of SuperSU.
    7. Once installed, connect the phone to the computer and copy the downloaded 'Internal Gapps package' to the phone's memory. Better Extract it to a folder (it contains several apk files)
    8. Now open Root Explorer and copy all the extracted APK files to /system/apps
    9. Make sure you dont install them. After copying, you will be prompted to change the permission. Allow it.
    10. Now restart the phone again.
    11. After reboot when you come back, copy the last downloaded 'NokiaX Gapps Package' to the phone. Install all apks of this package one by one.
    12. Once done, Restart the phone again for the final time.

    That's it. You are done. After this reboot you can simply go into the settings, enter your Google account details and use all Google services. You will find Google Play working on your phone, Google Now working, along with all Google services working except Google+. In short, now enjoy your Nokia X as a pure Android Phone.

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    Re: How to Root Nokia X Android Phone to run all Google services

    Here is a Video from Fonearena showing a rooted Nokia X running all these Google services. Thanks to Bharadwaj from FoneArena for the video:

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