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Thread: Did not got 1M from Hidden Cronicles

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    Did not got 1M from Hidden Cronicles

    An ad popped up when I clicked on the Zynga poker application saying 10,000$ for level 5 and 1M for level 10, I did not receive it after i completed it. So whats up did anyone else found any chips in Zynga Poker after playing Hidden Chronicles.

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    Re: Did not got 1M from Hidden Cronicles

    I am considering XP because when i reached level 5 in XP i received 10000 on poker saying i received it for getting level 5 in hidden chronicles.

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    Re: Did not got 1M from Hidden Cronicles

    I do love to play poker very much as i do play it when every i get time. i also play it on my mobile phone. But the same problem with me also as all other have. I am playing Hidden Chronicles, and now level 10 but still not getting any chip. Are this problem from server? Or there is just a fake promotion.

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    Re: Did not got 1M from Hidden Cronicles

    Only players who received a popup within Zynga Poker offering the promotion to start playing Hidden Chronicles are eligible to win the 10,000 chips for reaching level 5 and 1 million chips for reaching level 10. This promotion was available through Feb. 7th, 2012.

    So to be eligible for the chips you must hit the following points:
    Have received the pop up via poker on your own Facebook account.
    You also must not have reached level 5 before seeing that pop up.
    For the prizes be sure what level you must achieve to receive that reward. Check the pop up via poker for level details
    Your level in game is listed within the blue star on your screen in hidden chronicles.

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    Re: Did not got 1M from Hidden Cronicles

    I met all requirements you have just said. So when i went on Zynga poker, and the pop-up said play hidden chronicles now and receive 10,000 for getting to level 5 and 1m for level 10, and i am now at level 11. and I do not see the pop again. Also, it is my own account, and i have never played hidden chronicles until it popped up and, i only seen the pop up once and it said level 10. So it doesn't matter if it varies, because it was promised once, anyways i hope you can help!

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