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Thread: Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 Review

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    Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 Review

    Windows phone users wait is over, now you can also enjoy messaging your Facebook friends without logging to your Facebook account. Facebook messenger is out now for Windows phone also and it works same like Android OS and iOS. You will have list of friends as your contact and you can connect with themseamlessly. Messenger has crisp design and many features associated with it, which help to chat with your friends conveniently. Facebook messenger is an individual app that lets you to connect to Facebook friends and chat with them with plenty of emoticons, stickers and a lot more. You do not need to sit on Facebook’s website for chatting with your close friends, just download Facebook messenger and logon to the messenger to get started.

    Facebook Messenger is unique app as it is first Windows phone app published by Facebook. Facebook app was developed by Microsoft for Windows phone but Facebook messenger is built by Facebook itself. You will see that Facebook messenger for Windows looks similar to that of iOS and android. Facebook messenger for Windows is fast and easy to use and works same way as it does on the Facebook’s website.

    How to ?

    Once you download this messenger app on your Windows phone, you need to login to your account in Facebook. After you have logged in you need to enter phone number asked by app. Entering phone number will connect you with all your Facebook friends as well as the people having your number will be connected with you by means of this app. Facebook has kept your privacy in mind and you are allowed to skip the step of entering phone number and proceed forward and connect only to your Facebook friends.

    User Interface:

    Design is no surprise as you are already familiar with all the features of Facebook Messenger. It looks same like Facebook website chat messenger. When you start this messenger on your windows phone you will see a main screen which shows you with the list of recent conversations which you had made with your friends. You can see all the conversation made with your friends in thread view and also you can see the photo of your friends on the main screen.

    Next to your friends photo you will see chat status, blue messenger icon on list means they are using Facebook messenger apps and are currently online. If that blue icon turns grey, this means friends is not currently available to chat but still you can send them message and they can see later when they are online. There are two more windows in this app; first one shows people on the list and with whom you want to connect and the names of your Facebook friends will belisted alphabetically. Second window will display all the online friends on your friend list.


    On the main screen of your messenger you will see plus sign displayed at the bottom of chat and by tapping that plus sign you can start new chat and also can send emoticons, photos and stickers to express yourself.

    You can search your friend by typing the name of your friend to find them easily. You can continue the chat which was ended on website or some other app. Messenger is very simple same like in Android and iOS where you can type the message and send easily along with many stickers and smileys. You can share photos by capturing new image or from gallery of your phone.New emoticons is been added and this emoticons is said as stickers which has images of cat, smiley faces or some characters from Disney which adds more fun into the conversation. You can download your favorite sticker packs from there itself without leaving the app. Get the latest stickers and be the first one to send amazing stickers to your friends.

    The location option in the app allows you to send your current location during the chat itself. There is an option near chat to turn on and off your location, by turning that ON your location will be sent to your friends while chatting. If your friends had made this notification on for location then you can just tap and hold the message, sticker or smiley to see the location of your friends on the map and you can see from where your friend is chatting.

    Another super feature added in this messenger is group chat, now add your friends and make a group and start chatting in group. Group chat has an advantage that you don’t need to send messages separately to each of your friends. Just add your friends and send message to that group and every one can see your messages and you can see everybody’s message on same chat. You can send stickers and photos to that group and have a fun time with your friends.

    Only drawback with this messenger is that you cannot send recorded voice messages or make a call, all this features are available in Android and iOS messenger apps. May be Facebook has planned to add up this feature late by providing an update for messenger for Windows. If you are not online then you won’t be able to see messages that have come to your messenger unlike Android and iOS where there is a chat head feature which pops up when there is message on your messenger and that popup comes to the homescreen of your phone. You can click that chat head and can continue chat with them.
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    Re: Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 Review

    Is it worth?

    Messenger is very effective only if you love chatting and Facebook has done it for you in a simple and clean way. You can chat with your Facebook friends any point of time and unlike Whats App not only you can chat with friends on your contact list but also you can get connected with your Facebook friends as well as with the people who have your number saved in their phone.

    Chat is very simple and effective you can chat with your friends individually as well as you can create a group of friends and chat with them significantly.Not only text can be send with this messenger but it allows you to send smiley, photos and stickers to express. Stickers and smiley helps to express our mood perfectly and animation of smiley and stickers are just great.

    But this messenger is not effective if you are more prone to see the news feed in your Facebook, as this is messenger where you can just send and receive messages. For news feed and occasional messages you will need to login to your Facebook account from your computer or phone. Messenger app is developed by Facebook and Facebook app was developed by Microsoft for Windows phone, so if you want to see the timeline of your friends from messenger then it directs you to Facebook app page and opens your account separately.


    Finally Windows Phone 8 users have something to connect with their favorite social network friend easily. Design and interface of Facebook messenger for Windows phone is good and messenger had tried best to provide every features. Some of the features are missing in this windows phone messenger, if your compare with that of android and iOS, those features may be added later with the upgrade from Facebook.

    For now this app lacks many features which is present in Android and iOS supported phones and update of this app for Windows phone will take time as this is the fresh release from Facebook so you can consider a interval of one or two month for the next update in the app. Messenger for Windows helps you to connect with your friends without using website or using some other app to connect with Facebook friends. You cannot check news feed but it’s really cool app if you would like to stay in touch with your Facebook friends all time from your windows phone.
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