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Thread: Zynga Bingo Suggestion for Pattern room

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    Zynga Bingo Suggestion for Pattern room

    it would be really fun to have a room that you can unlock that would have random patterns each game instead of 4 corners, straight line, or black out. so i think this game should add some patterns to get bingo 4 corners/straight line gets old

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    Re: Zynga Bingo Suggestion for Pattern room

    Alongwith this i think It could be a different pattern each game. Game one-stamp Game two - X bingo Game three- diamond., etc etc. This way it would not get boring and it would distinguish your game from the many that are already out there. No onehas done anything like that and I think that would make people want to play your version more than the others. It could be done using a random pattern generator I would think. Not sure on the programming aspect of it.

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    Re: Zynga Bingo Suggestion for Pattern room

    Great ideas! Thank you for sharing, along with aspect there should be Also on collection items, once people have completed the rooms collections, and before you bring out new ones, youcould utilize the collections you alreadyhave in place. Make it a scavenger hunt type where you have to collect certain items from different rooms to complete it. Players would have to play in different rooms to complete the collection, and it might "buy" you sometime in between being able to release new content that players always seem to be craving before you have any content to release.

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    Re: Zynga Bingo Suggestion for Pattern room

    Multi part bingo is something that the others don't have either. Have 3 winning games within each game, first part would be a single bingo, 2nd part would be an X bingo and the 3rd part would be a black out. More players could win, thus bringing more players toyour site because of the different ways to play.

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    Re: Zynga Bingo Suggestion for Pattern room

    Very good idea and i have like this so much. You can unlock Vegas Blackout, Jolly Roger and Gridlock by completing collections - when you're in the lobby, above where you pick your room there is a tab for Special Rooms.

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