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Thread: Nokia X Plus (X+) Review

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    Nokia X Plus (X+) Review

    Nokia announced its new and most awaited phone at MWC 2014 and within no time this news got viral all over globe. Announcement about out of the world design concept is not what caught the attention, but the OS which Nokia has used in its new phone is the current talk of town. The developers of Nokia have created something which was not expected, they made an OS which can run most of the Android application or you can say .apk file is supported on the new Nokia X+, but it is not purely Android operating system. Nokia put their own codes and restriction in the Android OS and removed all Google services, instead put Microsoft’s.

    So definitely this is a great achievement by Nokia as this was the only manufacturer who was dwelling with Windows OS. Now they have come up with unbeatable weapon to compete face to face with Android. Nokia had launched three phones for now which runs on Nokia Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and all the phones are targeted to entry level segment, may be they want to check whether Nokia Android will be a success or be average in the market. Let’s check out the features in the new Nokia Android phone but, as usual, let’s have a look at Nokia X+ (X plus) highlights:

    • 4inch WVGA display
    • 480800 pixels
    • Dual SIM support (micro SIM)
    • 1GHz dualcore Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play
    • 768MB RAM
    • 4GB internal storage with microSD card support up to 32GB
    • 3MP fixed focus camera
    • Unique Nokia fastlane experience
    • 1500mAh battery
    • Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS with A-GPS
    • Colours: bright green, bright red, cyan, yellow, black and white

    Design and Packaging:

    Nokia phones are well-known for its good quality body design; we saw the range of Nokia Lumia series with funky colours and good built. Nokia will continue to make use of colourful plastic body for Nokia X+. Microsoft owned Nokia will have looks similar to the Lumia series but work on the new OS. OS will be Nokia Android, making a perfect blend of two market giants.

    If you take a look on the new Nokia X+, you will notice it’s a rectangular box with black display and colourful back. You can pick up from different colours options. Screen is big in size and top of the screenlays earpiece and sensors. No front camera is available in Nokia X+ and below the screen you will find one back button. Back of the colourful X+ have 3MP camera on the top middle followed by embossed Nokia tag. To the bottom of the phone you can see USB connector or charger connection point and top of the phone there is a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones. Nokia X+ gives a good feel in the palms andit fits easily giving a good grip. Though the body is plastic considering that its entry level phone, it doesn’t look that cheap. Body looks very solid and durability is great.

    Back of the phone is removable and you can insert your two SIM card as the phone is featured with dual-SIM function and microSD slot to extend your storage by means of microSD card. Both the SIM slot will be compatible to GSM SIM only, no CDMA card support on Nokia X+.As the phone is not huge it was quite comfortable to use this phone with one hand. With respect to the cost of this phone, Nokia has provided a good package with overall good body design.
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    Re: Nokia X Plus (X+) Review

    Display: / Screen:

    Nokia has always come out with good technology in display section of its flagship, now in Nokia X+ you have 4 inch of display, which has resolution of 800x400 pixels that is quite logical that entry-level phone will not have display which is pixel dense or high resolution. WVGA resolution has 233 pixel per inch making the phone’s display look very bright and vibrant. Nokia X+’s 4 inch display is sufficient to assist you on your work or entertainment.

    Games and video looks good on the 4 inch display. You will not be given with any screen protection like Gorilla Glass or scratch resistant type screen so it is vulnerable to scratch and you will have to take proper care of your Nokia X+. Display is good on this phone as sunlight legibility was average and contrast ratio and colour reproduction of the screen was quite good considering other entry level phone. No much colour loss was seen when the phone was viewed from different angle which adds to the quality.

    Hardware and Performance:

    Nokia X+ is installed with all the necessary hardware and configuration of the hardware is quite surprising considering it is a budget friendly device. Nokia has done no compromise with the hardware specifications. Nokia X+ is assembled with dual-core processor, decent RAM and fine inbuilt storage which are very essential if phone is running Android related apps. Most of the Android apps will occupy space in phone memory so storage onboard needs to be good.

    1GHz dual-core processor on Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play chipset is the main attraction of the hardware, along with 768MB RAM, this phone will handle all the instruction given by user easily. By using Snapdragon S4 Play on its flagship, Nokia will be able to outperform every other competitor in the low budget segment. Nokia X+ has 4GB phone memory to install apps and also it can be expanded up to 32GB with the help of microSD card. Performance of the phone is smooth due to the good hardware configuration and Nokia X+ has all necessary configurations to perform great than any other phones of that segment. Multitasking feature is very smooth and fast, so you can work on different screen or apps at same time.

    If you are working on two or three tabs at a time, you can switch between the tabs without any malfunction or lags. Games run well in it but as the phone fall in entry-level you will not have the privilege to run some of the HD games available for Nokia or Android.


    OS of the phone has caught the attention of world and spread the light of joy among Nokia lovers, because now Nokia too can run the apps which were only for Android. Developers of Nokia have finally succeeded in making an operating system which runs most of the Android apps. Nokia X+ will run on Nokia X platform 1.0 and looks like later updates on this OS will run all the Android apps.

    Nokia has provided one unique feature of ‘Unique Nokia Fastlane experience’ which means you will have smooth access to all the Android apps which is compatible with Nokia’s OS. As OS installed on Nokia X+ is not official Google project, Nokia has made use of Microsoft Cloud storage instead of Google Drive and has other virtual storage of One Drive from Microsoft.

    Quite amazing that you will be allowed to use all Android apps and for virtual storage you are provided with Microsoft’s cloud support.
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    Re: Nokia X Plus (X+) Review


    There is not much to say about the camera since the X+ holds a 3MP camera and lacks front camera. 3MP camera of Nokia X+ will help you to take fine pictures and it supports video shooting at 480p resolution. Camera of Nokia is good but world has moved to 20MP and 41MP cameras. So if we compare 3MP camera to these then you will be disappointed.

    Even at the low cost market segment other manufacturers are providing 5MP camera so this is one point where the phone lags. Camera has no flash so you will not be able to click images in low light area. Bright light images under normal conditions are clear and sharp, otherwise the photos look dull. Not having a flash in the camera is a big disappointment.


    Battery is most important hardware of phones as they serve as power backup on the phones.These days all phone manufacturers are providing powerful battery as processor and RAM configuration is growing more advanced and screen of the phone is enhancing day by day. Nokia X+ will run on 1500mAh battery power which is a good one to take care of the hardware which is installed in it.

    Battery of the phone is removable and can stand for more than 10 hours on 3G network and more than 12 hours on 2G network. However, this battery is not very good for long hours of gaming and video streaming. You can depend on the battery saver apps to manage your battery level and push it to its maximum capacity.


    Nokia has done a great job by launching a phone which can run all Android apps. Thanks to the developers hard work and dedication to make such a powerful OS for Nokia. Nokia X+ has average display, good processor, good RAM memory and inbuilt storage, nice battery and average camera. Nokia should have enhanced display feature little bit but for entry-level it is just fine.

    Camera of Nokia X+ should have flash for low light imaging. Also while most of the entry level phones are coming with 5MP camera, 3MP on this phone is slightly disappointing. Most of the Android phone is providing with 1GB RAM in it but Nokia is little behind in RAM configuration. Performance of the phone is really appreciable and Unique Nokia Fastlane experience is good. the phone is expected to perform well in the market.

    • Good and Responsive Touch Screen
    • Good build quality

    • Bit slower while multitasking
    • Not all Android apps work on Nokia X+
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    Re: Nokia X Plus (X+) Review

    such a Brief Review! Thank you! This phone must be try once. by the way, what is the price of this smartphone?

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