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Thread: Dell XPS 11 Laptop Review

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    Dell XPS 11 Laptop Review

    Dell has launched its new flagship in XPS series which has created an impulse in the market. Dell XPS 11 is super slim and portable hybrid laptop. Dell XPS 11 is convertible laptop which can turn in to Tablet PC as well, with all new Windows 8.1 OS. Dell XPS 11 is motorized by powerful Intel processor and unique quad HD screen. First thing to notice on this laptop is its flat keyboard which makes this hybrid laptop very slim.

    Dell has powerful competitor in the market named Yoga series of Lenovo and to beat this model of Lenovo, XPS 11 series is featured with 360 degree convertible design which supports four modes of use. I will brief about every feature of Dell XPS 11, with both pros and cons of this super slim model of Dell.


    Dell has made advancement in each corner of this XPS 11 series laptop, superior rotating 11.6 inch of in-touch display. You can use this device as laptop or turn this display and make a stand as per the convenience of the user. Dell is going to be a best convertible device in the market, with super body design and features. When you look at the body of the device you will find some good carbon-fiber finish on the chassis and bottom panel of this device.

    If you are a heavy user then XPS 11 is built in such a way that you will find yourself comfortable to use, its metal brushed and soft covering deck helps you to rest your wrist and work for long hours. Display and the deck are built with aluminum body which adds plus one point for Dell XPS 11.

    Power button is situated at the display’s corner which is very common in most of the convertible device. You will notice the illumination of the light on power button when the notebook is on.The XPS 11 is given with an USB 3.0 port, HDMI, volume control and earpiece jack on its left, while a multimedia card reader, Noble lock and an additional USB 3.0 port placed on the right.

    Now coming to the weight of the device, as compared to other competitor of Dell XPS 11, you will find this device much lighter weighing 2.5 pounds. Not only in the weight frame of the XPS notebook is slightly wider than other notebook in the market, XPS 11 comes with 11.8 x 7.9 x 0.6-inch frame size which is impressive in this kind of notebook.


    Dell has claimed that XPS is the first device to have quad HD display which supports high resolution of 2560x1440 making this device to output sharper display. If you compare the Lenovo’s Yoga and Microsoft surface’s display then you will observe that the resolution of XPS 11 is much sharper and accurate. Every aspect of the display is loud and clear, subject looks lively and overall effect is great.

    So you can experience each and every detail of the HD movie or games in your XPS 11 device. If we compare the brightness of XPS 11 then this device fall back with its competitor as XPS 11 has registered brightness of 265 lux on other hand Lenovo and Microsoft’s device had registered with above 300 lux mark on brightness. Never mind, the display is overall good and provides good user experience.
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    Re: Dell XPS 11 Laptop Review


    Dell XPS 11 is powered with Intel i5 chip for processor and good RAM capacity making this device to outclass others. XPS is powered with 1.9 GHz Intel Core i5-4210Y processor with 4GB RAM to have better computing with this device. On the other hand Lenovo and Microsoft’s device too run on almost same configuration but the latter model of competitors were powered with much more RAM capacity than XPS 11.

    Booting time and the performance of the XPS device is amazing; if you are working with more than 5 to 6 tabs then also you will not find and lag while switching to the different tabs. Note books camera app launch also responds very quickly, which is a plus point on this notebook, while it took some seconds to switch from landscape to portrait mode which is sluggish for this kind of hybrid device.

    Booting time is fast than Microsoft and Lenovo’s hybrid device. XPS 11 is provided with 256 GB SSD and you can duplicate 4.97 GB file in just 26 seconds which is a record if we compare with Microsoft and Lenovo’s hybrid device. Other day to day operations were also handled smoothly with XPS 11 hybrid device.


    Graphics is very essential in all computing devices and so in XPS 11 too, graphics is powered by Intel HD 4200 GPU which is very amazing configuration on this device. XPS 11 has scored 20422 on 3D Mark Ice Storm test which is a good score but falls back when we compare to its competitors score.

    All the operations are handled with ease on XPS 11 device except gaming. You will find lags and drop down of fps while playing heavy games, even the default settings do not help nor the customized settings, in short we can say that graphics for playing games is little disappointing compare to the Microsoft and Lenovo’s hybrid device.


    Audio of XPS 11 proved to be very impressive as the stereo speakers on both left and right edges of the device created crystal clear audio output. Even the hard rock song was very clear and the sound is loud that you can hear clearly on every corner of one room comfortably.

    Audio result of XPS 11 was good as it scored 84 decibels sound which was comparatively stronger than Microsoft’s surface which has mark of 78 decibels. Dell also provides with Audio app which has feature to tune your song and make adjustment according to the need of users, so with XPS 11 device you can hear your favorite songs and play games with crystal clear sound.


    The XPS 11's wide-screen HD webcam is good. Self-portraits I took were sharp, but you go into very detailed look it does get blurred.
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    Re: Dell XPS 11 Laptop Review

    User interface:

    Dell's 11-inch display device runs Microsoft's touch-friendly Windows 8.1 operating system. It has the usual windows grid of colorful app tiles, which can now be made one of four different sizes after the 8.1 update. Many new features and app are added in the new update and user experience is quite good.

    The device offers built in Dell stores to purchase all the required apps and stuffs. Users can also access the PocketCloud app for free which provides up to 2GB cloud storage. Apart from the built-in dell store users can always access the windows app store and download a wide variety of apps and games. Apps like One Note and adobe Photoshop express are available in the store that is quite useful.


    Battery backup of Dell XPS 11 is very impressive. On straining this device with websurfingon Wi-Fi it lasted for a few more than 8 hours, which is remarkable. If we compare the battery strength of this device with others then Lenovo’s device was much behind as it scored up to 7Hrs.


    Dell has provided good feature in its hybrid device and according to the sayings of Dell, XPS 11 is first a tablet and then a notebook. For a tablet, Dell seems to be heavier but the performance of this hybrid device is just perfect. Strong performance, brilliant HD display and most of all a superior battery life makes XPS 11 device a good hybrid device.

    Only thing which you will find as issue is its flat keyboard, Dell has made the keyboard flat to make the device slimmer to match with tablet mode but resulted in to uncomfortable typing experience. Dell should have got inspired with the keyboard feature of Lenovo thinkpad, in which you can detach the keyboard and make use like tablet and then attach to make notebook. Overall the experience of the Dell XPS 11 is good and Dell has succeeded in making a stylish convertible notebook.
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