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    Prototype 2 Preview

    There are many video games that need to get their own identity if they want to be remembered ever. Just like Prototype got identity by offering the protagonist with super powers. Fans already know some of those powers were as attractive as to morph into the person who had absorbed. This is a subgenre whose principle is to make you move through cities in a unusual way, without the height of buildings is an issue and with the destruction as the protagonist. The story of the first episode of this series was not elegant and at some points bit difficult to understand, so now is much more straightforward. In the new Prototype 2, the study wants the gamer to get involved sensitively with what happens to the new player and has so determined to use a primary feeling: vengeance.

    The one bad news in this new game is that the hero of the previous album Alex Mercer is not the main protagonist here. It will not be excluded from the adventure so far, since the character you will play, James Heller, army sergeant of his condition, holds responsible for the death of his wife and daughter, by propagating the virus that has infected New York. Home from deployment on foreign soil, he did so one idea, find Alex and make him pay for his crimes.

    In the start of the game you will find Sergeant James Heller has lost his wife and daughter and blames Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first game. It is a known military but which has suffered post-traumatic stress leads not to fear for their safety and has a murderous fixation by Mercer. Suddenly it is face to face in what is the simple tutorial to learn the basics. In the confrontation Mercer Heller inoculated with the virus that transforms it into a prototype and the doubt to blame for the spread of evil in the city. The game will search for Heller of the truth about history.

    While James is easily defeated and that Alex could finish him, he decides to let him live and inoculates the virus he carries. This surprising turn of events, source of misunderstanding for James and for us as players, will certainly find their answers throughout the adventure. Without saying too much, we can easily imagine that Alex has his reasons and that he and James could combine to undermine the plans of a mysterious entity responsible for the spread of the virus in the Big Apple. For this second installment, New York will be found divided into three distinct zones. The first is the military zone wearing the color green, the second being the quarantine area (yellow), with numerous checkpoints openly inspired by the film The son of Man. And finally the red zone, the most dangerous of all, since infected and therefore comes to zombie mutants and other creatures of all kinds.

    In Prototype 2, the city is divided into three zones. In green is the headquarters of security forces, is the safe zone. The yellow part is infected and quarantine. The red zone is Manhattan, where he passed the first game, the city is in ruins and all types of infected mutants and swarm it. Thanks to the communications network Blacket you can get information about what happens in each of the zones. Missions and using your powers, Mercer was the same as you gain points, level up in one of the six features available, and you regain life by staying a few minutes away from enemy fire or absorbing the enemy's life. Once you do this you can change your appearance to be the same as the last enemy absorbed (displayed you change what you can do).

    There are 3 types of, although each of them will obviously not confine to a particular area. Straight out of the previous section, we therefore find the infiltration gameplay with the ability to assimilate any of his victims to benefit from his knowledge and his appearance. The menu also, the full unwinding with different super powers in concede that the virus character you control. The game concept introduced in this opus meanwhile, takes the form of a manhunt, placing you in the shoes of the predator.

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    Re: Prototype 2 Preview

    Using a sonar sensory James able to locate his target. Predator hunting way induce extensive use of its ability to move outside the norm, including dizzying jumps, racing on the facade of skyscrapers without limitation, hover and dash air. More independent than his predecessor, James Heller will have access to many sources (friends, relations and communication network that can hack) to be assigned missions and to advance and develop the plot and its amazing powers.

    Vehicles are an important part of the fun. You can jump around a helicopter and hooked him with the whip arm. Then decide if you want to destroy it, take control or wrest the weapons to use on your own. For greater ease in the fighting, we can assign two of them both on so many keys of the controller. As in the first game, a longer press of a button causes a much more powerful waltz generally sending the opponent or cutting way sushi. More exotic, James seems to be able to bring up a small army of creatures to their intimate the order to attack a target. Finally, in a battle against a half-boss, the hero has used another impressive to say the least power to immobilize its target. By making use of its tentacles, he literally spun a cobweb between the buildings to restrict his movements.

    Graphically the game has been renovated with a graphics engine made from scratch, and now much more detail. Going up the glass facade of a building you will see reflections of the buildings opposite and the movement is more fluid and in the beta. Activision reports, producer and distributor of the game, which will be folded completely into Castilian, a difference that shows that he is committed, as the first Prototype was subtitled in Castilian but with the English voices.


    Prototype 2 is said to stand fair that we thought of it. This game’s superhero is well known and recognized for playing in the big league together with a Spider-Man or Batman. We just need to hope and wish that the storyline is not too dark to cause interest outside the stress relief that the title is sure to deliver the final version. Prototype 2 is expected to hit Xbox and PS3 consoles on April 24 2012, whereas PC users will need to wait till the launch in July.

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