Many times while playing some long videos on YouTube, we feel or wish to have the VLC's feature that allows us to play the videos upto 4x faster or slower by just tapping the + (plus) and - (minus) keys in the number pad. Usually many of us dont know how to do the same on YouTube. Infact most of the people dont know if this feature is actually there in YouTube or not.

What do you think, is it there? Can we play the YouTube videos faster or slower than its actual speed? If yes, where is it?

You cannot see such option in the above player. Well, yes, you can play the videos faster or slower like VLC right on YouTube itself. Only thing you need to do is switch the youtube player to HTML5 version. Just open this link in your browser and switch the player to HTML5 version by clicking the "Request the HTML5 Player" :

Once done, refresh the video page you were watching and now click on the settings gear. You will see something like this now:

Now to play the videos faster select 1.5 or 2, and similarly to play the video slower you need to select 0.5 or 0.25. However, unfortunately there is not as much as we get in VLC, as i said you can speed up to 4x in VLC. By the way, there are many more benefits of switching to HTML5 on YouTube. You will get to know yourself by watching 3 to 4 videos.