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Thread: UFC Undisputed 3 Review

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    UFC Undisputed 3 Review

    With the release of UFC Undisputed 3 THQ has achieved something very difficult. Year after year, the franchise in the world of video games adapting the UFC fights, has been flirting with automatic control systems and sought to offer a playable and sensible direct exchange of blows, keys and movements in the ring. The second episode of this series released in 2010 already achieved a markedly improved throughout the core playable, taking a significant step towards the simulation. And this time, although the speed of the game seems to have increased, has taken another step in the same direction, making this UFC Undisputed 3 a title even more realistic if anything.

    First, we want to highlight that UFC Undisputed 3, not just a fighting game or combat. This we don’t have button combinations, destructive movements or light and easy fights. On the contrary: UFC Undisputed Title 3 is a complex, closer to the genre of sports simulation that the fight over arcade or direct. That's something we can see from the very beginning of the title. THQ has decided to contain 2 distinct types of controls in order to reach a global audience. Thus, we have a control system and another Amateur Pro. The differences between them are dishonorable.

    The Pro is a direct evolution of control seen in the previous 2 episodes of UFC, but rising it and development of the improvements offered by the third (on the grappling and submissions). In addition to the sticks and the main buttons, the triggers will serve to make each fighter's special attacks or to defend the bottom or the top of our fighter. To be perfect, it requires some patience, some previous experience and many hours of play. The Amateur, of course, is a simplification of the system, which clearly seems to us more ideal for newcomers to the series. The new Amateur control really serves its reason, using the analog sticks in a less complex and more direct.

    Same as previous releases UFC Undisputed 3 also provide a complex set of movements, plans and submissions really irresistible for anyone who wants a complete experience. In this combo, enter the fighters, who have won in number, range, weight range (up to seven different ranks, ranging from featherweight or bantamweight to heavyweight all the way through welterweight) and arts disciplines or martial, attainment the 150 different fighters. The biggest change made by THQ here is the veteran players of the series. UFC Undisputed 3 offers a system of transitions and faster submissions, fluid and realistic, embodied with energy bars if we are going well represent the movement or should we stay a little more coz our opponent is most weakened by our hits (we three areas to punish, leg, neck and arm).

    UFC Undisputed 3 is much enhanced in this respect, it finishes being a bit rough, and receiving to take our enemy on the mat is more amusing and challenging than before. Certainly, something we noticed as handicap is the complexity of winning by submission or demolition, most of the time our opponent KO eliminated all (which itself is more common). One more dangerous parameter is the occurrence of fatigue, impact and coverage of the renewal of our fighter between rounds

    If we compare this with the previous 2 episodes, UFC Undisputed 3 is biggest and complete game till date in the series. The formula to duplicate options, game modes and fighters worked in the earlier chapter of the series (UFC Undisputed 2010) and this time, it has been constant with the same dose of achievement. If we said that the fighters have increased their number, or that they have doubled the extraordinary moves or martial arts, about the same is true of the game modes available. Now in this third installment, we can prefer between circuits UFC and Pride, the big addition this year.

    The career mode, although it is really new, it has got a few tweaks that make it more fair and enjoyable. Now they have automated much of the training (without this adversely affects the gameplay) and not have to be so conscious of the parameters or values of our fighter, being lighter and far less mechanical during a normal game. Consecutively, in these trainings, we will find a series of mini-games and challenges that will assist small enough to keep away from the tedious task of preparing our fighter for fight, as weight lifting or sparring with fellow gym and group. The customization options of our fighter will be huge. Whether creating a fighter with a commanding editor (quite full) or modify it at will from the impressive selection of real fighters that UFC Undisputed boasts 3, we will have complete control over a variety of parameters. We can select the type of martial art, the weight at which fights them.

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    Re: UFC Undisputed 3 Review

    The combats will occur as usual, apart from the inclusion of Game Plan, strategies that raise your group or team during the fight that will give us right of entry to subsidies comply without question. The title is thus the most direct and we can discover arcade and one of the longest running and most durable of all UFC Undisputed 3. THQ has also transformed markedly how to address the classic fights, one of the most beloved game modes for fans to MMA and UFC fights disputed. Now, Ultimate Fights mode during these legendary battles, the title will keep in mind or established standards of fidelity, we can move up or not. The multiplayer mode also makes an appearance in this UFC Undisputed 3 of the best. Though the number of games still is not mainly floating, the disputed Xbox Live during the analysis of this game, have proved to effort quite well. In addition, the fact is that your choices are absolute and well opportunity. For instance, we decide to fight in exhibition bouts do independently or in groups with other players or contact our list of friends.

    The technical section of UFC Undisputed 3 is a real visual and sound spill. The THQ game graphics are certainly its strength, ever since from the main screen and the introduction (mix of live action with some of the game), makes clear the titanic task of modeling and texturing present in this third installment. This time, the fighters will be much more practical, with more polygons in their designs, in turn being more "human" (which will be apparent when we see how they are hurting and bleeding as they receive more and more hits over the course of the game) and like their counterparts in the flesh. In turn, the animations have been completely revised and are now more fluid and less robot, which is evident from the first moment when we jumped into the octagonal ring, where we see for the first time in the series, the popular entries and choreography of some of the iconic fighters. THQ also has bothered to include all elements that can make the development of even more real fights, such as billboards, banners, cameras (and the angles of the same) or the usual cheerleaders. Everything will relay the feeling of PPV, with intros and transitions, repetitions (which are stored on your hard drive if you want) ...


    UFC Undisputed 3 has enjoyed era with growth and additional research has resulted in a new game in the series that can be called the best, detailed and absolute. This episode offers the appropriate control systems for players, addition of few new game modes and a devastating graphics. Many mixed martial arts fans in UFC Undisputed 3 find a title intricate and demanding, ready for marathon sessions of fights and combat, whereas new gamers of this series will enjoy the game coz of the improvements made in Amateur control. I can say that UFC Undisputed 3 is not only a great video game UFC and MMA lovers it is also the best we can hope for a game of this nature.

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