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Thread: Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

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    Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

    Nokia has launched yet another windows phone in its Lumia series, apparently the first phablet. The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a phablet with 6.0inch HD display. Lately many manufacturers have done the same by offering huge display handset. However those handsets failed to deliver the expected performance and made us realize, huge doesnít mean nice, there are many more important aspects that are required in a phone with a huge display. Letís see if Nokia Lumia 1520 passes the entire test and wins the expectation of the users.

    The main highlights of the new phablet, apart from the huge magnificent display are the 20MP camera and 3,400mAh battery. Yes, Nokia Lumia 1520 is dependable in terms of battery and would be good attraction for those who want a decent camera in their phone. Priced at around $699 this device seems to hold some ďfirstsĒ among the Lumia series. The detailed review here would give a wider picture of this huge phablet. Lets have a look at complete specifications of Lumia 1520

    • Windows Phone 8 OS
    • 6-inch capacitive touch screen ClearBlack display with Gorilla Glass 2 protection
    • 1920 ◊ 1080 pixels resolution
    • 2.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor
    • 2GB of RAM
    • 20 Megapixel rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), High resolution zoom 2x, Autofocus and dual LED flash
    • 1.2 Megapixel HD front-facing camera
    • 1080p HD video recording at 30fps
    • LTE / 3G HSPA+ 41Mbps, WiFi (2.4/5Ghz) a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS with Glonass, NFC
    • 32GB internal memory, expandable upto 64GB using microSD Card
    • 3400 mAh (integrated) with built-in wireless charging (Qi compatible)

    Design and Packaging:

    Lumia 1520 has a polycarbonate body, the same one that we saw on Lumia 920. The thickness has been kept minimalistic at 8.7mm. The build is strong and you need not worry about the durability. The only issue would be handling the huge device, as it doesnít really fit into your palms easily. If you try to put it in a case for some extra protection, then itís going to be a real tough time handling the phone as it is going to get much more bulky. However, if you are looking for a huge phone to enjoy watching images, videos, playing games etc. then itís one of the best options. The phone has the usual Lumia buttons Ė the lock/unlock button, camera and volume rocker on one side.

    It has the NanoSim slot and micro SD slot (expandable up to 64GB) to the other side. The 3.5mm audio Jack sits at the top edge while Micro USB port is to the bottom. It has a huge 6.0 inch 1920x1080 IPS LCDscreen. Above the screen you have the 1.2MP front facing camera. At the back you can see the 20MP camera with LED flash and pureView branding. Back is very soft and feels good to handle. You get four colour options to choose from: black, white, yellow and Red.
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

    Display / Screen:

    Lumia 1520 features one of the best displays seen in huge phablets. As mentioned before it has 6inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The screen has 367ppi that offers amazing user experience. The screen is well protected from scratches and other harm as it comes with Corningís Gorilla Glass 2 protection. Sunlight readability is good and viewing angle is great too. Readability and colour contrast was fine from the entire angle. Extremely slight variation occurs when you watch from a corner but it doesnít really matters.

    The setting menu lets you adjust the colour the way you want. TheclearBlack technology repels the ambient light giving comfortable viewing experience in the day light. Watching HD videos was a delight, we tried a few heavy graphic games and it was a smooth experience.


    the 20MP camera with the PureView technology is what Lumia 1520 offers the users. Itís made to look like the one in Lumia 1020, however looks like 1520 camera is faster. Clicking and processing takes no time and everything happens very quickly. Thereís no burst mode, however you can depend on the third party apps for it. Image and video are of high quality. Images are sharp, bright and define true colours. I found a minute issue with the white balance; however the images arenít much affected. You could choose from the options the mega pixel of the images. Like whether you want a 5MP image, or a full resolution image.

    You can choose either 4:3 ratio or 16:9 ratio to produce 19MP image and 15MP image respectively. Indoor images where lighting is strong looks perfect while outdoor looked amazing all time. Colours remain strong in most of the conditions and even in the night mode. Low light doesnít hinder the performance of the camera, due to the dual LED flash, and the pictures looked lively like ever. Full HD recording at 1080p is possible in this phablet. Microphones are really good and captures sound accurately and give loud output. It also features a 1.2MP front facing camera ideal for video chatting.

    Hardware Performance:

    Performance wise, Lumia 1520 doesnít stand behind anyone. Nokia has used Qualcomm snapdragon 800 Soc which is one of the most powerful one used by phone manufactures lately. it is processed by a 2.26 GHz quad-core Krait 400 CPU and has Adreno 330 GPU clocked at 450MHz. to top it all it comes with a 2GB RAM to ensure there is no lag in the performance anytime. Watch your favourite movie in HD or play the heavy game available in the market now; you would face no problem in this device.

    It has 32GB of internal NAND and micro SD slot. Animations flow smoothly, apps load without much time lag and gaming is a real fun. However itís irksome that there are too many animations included and there are no options to put it off. Multi-tasking is smooth as expected and even though I used the handset with many application running in the background there was no performance lag. Connectivity options are huge in this handset. LTE network works great and there is no issue in connecting it; Wi-Fi functioned smoothly as well.
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

    User interface:

    Windows phone is gaining familiarity lately because of many corrections that Microsoft has made from the past. The Lumia 1520 runs on WP8 GDR3 OS. There are some noticeable changes made in the user interface. Like, there is a third home screen tile column for the large screened devices like Lumia 1520. You can now have 5x3 grid tiles or even 6x10 grid tiles on the home screen; this helps to get all the requisite on the screen itself without having to scroll for it everywhere. When you move inside, you would observe everything to be the enlarged version of the OS.

    Text and font sizes are made to look fit with the large screen windows phone. The people app is same as the one you see on Lumia 1020 with a bit more empty space here. The Here Drive app lets users access the saved maps offline. There are many camera apps like the Nokia storyteller that makes watching the pictures and videos more fun. There are now settings to block the notification and automatic SMS option under the driving mode to ensure there is no distraction while driving. Screen rotation lock and better internet sharing options are also added under the setting.


    Lumia 1520 packs a 3,400mAh battery that is really strong and provides backup for a long time. It’s a non- removable battery and is wireless charging enabled. With average use the battery manages for 1 day with a full charge. You can push it up to 2 days if there are few background apps running and without much heavy gaming and watching videos.

    The battery saver app would be helpful when you are outdoors with no option of charging. It puts off Wi-Fi and other connectivity that consumes a lot of charge. The battery is very efficient and reliable and you can depend on this handset to last for long hours before requiring to charge.


    This is no doubt Lumia 1520 one of the best Windows phones by Nokia. The design is great with a strong and durable body and a large 1080p display. Camera quality is overwhelming and records HD videos which is really attracting. The strong snapdragon 800 processor supported by 2GB RAM ensures superb performance. The 3400mAh battery ensures that your phone keeps going for a long time. Both hardware and software part is well organized.

    I really tried to find out flaws; however I had a tough time doing that. I wouldn’t say the device is flawless, but it has ignorable issues only. The only issue I found was handling the device as it’s huge for normal hands and it doesn’t have a stylus support either to make things easier. Most of the good phablet comes at a cost of no less that Rs.45,000. So considering this I feel $699 is worth shelling out for Lumia 1520.
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