Twiize today launched a new application that allows you to easily send Voice-Mail and Voice-SMS directly from the Call screen. The app opens itself when you call anybody and the call is not answered. From the app you can either send voice mail to the caller, or directly send SMS by speaking. Yes, the app records your voice and translate it to text using the built-in text-to-speech engine. Have a look:

The app is now available for Download on Google Play for free. However there is also a Paid version that offers Ad free and unlimited number of weekly messages. Here is the complete list of features offered by this app:

  • App opens automatically and takes you to the WhatsApp account when call is failed.
  • Test to Speec translated SMS using automatic correction helper
  • Send Voice Messages
  • Allows you to send message also on a call waiting
  • You can send WhatsApp voice notes also when not on a call