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Thread: WhatsApp vs Telegram Messenger

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    WhatsApp vs Telegram Messenger

    Hey guys, although i just wanted to know this for my satisfaction, i would like to ask which of these two messengers to your prefer to use? Well, i know until now most of we all were using WhatsApp ofcourse but as i can see many people have also started using the new Telegram messaging app, can anyone here tell me how is Telegram different from whatsapp, and what it offers that is not in whatsapp?

    To be frank, so far i am stuck with Whatsapp itself, but similar to any other software, it also have some problems which i came across so far since i'm using but i had no choice instead of ignoring because it has many advantages as well. So, before installing Telegram and consuming my phone's memory, i would like to get some suggestions if it is really worth and better than WhatsApp.

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

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    Re: WhatsApp vs Telegram Messenger

    There are many differences between both these messengers and probably there are few things that really makes Telegram over WhatsApp. Few of them are such as Telegram is much more faster compared WA...when we send a huge message in whatsapp, it freezes for fraction of sections..but in telegram it is sent as soon as you tap on send button.

    Similarly, in whatsapp we are limited to about 30 to 40MB of file transfer but Telegram supports upto 1GB of data transfer. Which means you can send entire move to your friends or groups, Although it will consume your data/bandwidth.

    Few other things that are in Telegram but not in WhatsApp are Office document support. You can send and receive excel, word, etc. Furthermore you can create group of upto 200 friends in telegram which is not supported in WhatsApp.

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    Re: WhatsApp vs Telegram Messenger

    Hi Paul,

    I started using Telegram just couple of days ago. To frank, there are many benefits in this messenger, as mentioned by 'Invalid User' above, but it is still not enough to beat WhatsApp. Anyways, to get the entire detail and functionality of this new app, i will suggest you to better check out this Review: Telegram Messaging App Review

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    Re: WhatsApp vs Telegram Messenger

    Although Telegram has few new features compared to WhatsApp but there are some bugs as well. First of all you cannot change the chat wallpaper. Although they have provided the option to change but it never changes. Atleast it wont changes on my phone.

    Another thing you will miss is that you cannot set any Status in telegram, like we do in WhatsApp.

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