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Thread: Does Note 3 Neo has USB 3.0 Connectivity?

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    Does Note 3 Neo has USB 3.0 Connectivity?

    I have a small confusion. I just saw a news here about the launch of Neo variant of Galaxy Note 3. Well i am big fan of Note 3 and wants to buy it but waiting for the drop in price. After releasing for 50K in September, it is still priced somewhere around 45K, which still seems too high for a smartphone. As per me upto 40K is quite good to invest in smartphones, not more than that.

    Anyways, i am here to know that does NEO Variant also has USB 3.0 micro port like Galaxy Note 3? Also what is the price of this new variant?

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    Re: Does Note 3 Neo has USB 3.0 Connectivity?

    Nope, Galaxy Note 3 Neo doesn't has USB 3.0. It comes with the same standard 2.0 micro usb port like all other Galaxy devices. There are many more differences in both these devices such as low RAM and CPU, less storage space, less Camera and battery and more. If you are really thinking to buy Neo variant, you should better check out the Galaxy Note 3 vs Note 3 Neo.

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    Re: Does Note 3 Neo has USB 3.0 Connectivity?

    You are correct Rama, Neo has doesn't has 3.0 connectivity. Have a look here:

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    Re: Does Note 3 Neo has USB 3.0 Connectivity?

    Damn, NEO version seems too low in specifications compared to the original Note 3 variant. In fact, it is low in every thing whether it is processor, ram, camera, display, storage and connectivity. Then, i dont understand why is it named as Note 3 Neo? Whats the difference between the new Grand 2 and this Neo variant? Only Stylus?

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