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Thread: Nokia Lumia 525 Smartphone Review

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    Nokia Lumia 525 Smartphone Review

    Nokia Lumia 525 was released by Nokia after the huge popularity of its predecessor Lumia 520. Lumia 520ís huge popularity can be attributed to the value it offered at a low cost. Nokia has fixed many issues with windows but still there are many things to be fixed. Lumia 520 has a small RAM that limited it performance. In order to fix that thing, Nokia Lumia 525 is packed with 1GB RAM and dual core processor. Itís again a low cost handset which is very much similar to Lumia 520. If you compare the hardware part there is hardly any changes made there, except for the shiny back. The handset has upgraded software and few additional features. It has a 4inch IPS LCD screen powered by dual core processor and 1GB RAM.

    It has 5MP camera but no LED flash which is a serious concern.Windows has lately gained access to most of the new game that it was earlier deprived of. It has also added to its store some really good stuff that it was lacking earlier. You can choose from a cool variety of back covers for the Lumia 525. Nokia has offered Lumia 525 at a starting price of Rs.10,200. Letís have a look into the details of Lumia 525 and decide whether itís worth buying or not. Lets check out the highlights of Lumia 525

    • Windows Phone 8 OS with Lumia Black
    • 4 inch IPS Touch Screen display
    • 800 x 480 pixels resolution
    • 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor
    • 1GB of RAM
    • Adreno 305 GPU
    • 5 Megapixel rear camera with Auto focus
    • 720p HD video recording
    • 8GB internal memory, expandable upto 64GB using microSD card
    • 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS / aGPS
    • 1430mAh battery

    Design and Packaging:

    Nokia Lumia 525 can be called a twin of Lumia 520. They both look identical with slight touch ups. The Lumia 525 features a 4inch display with 9.9 mm thickness. It weighs about 124G and is quite light. Lumia 525 is given a smooth and glossier look compared to the matte effect on 520. Nokia, quite known for its hardware quality hasnít compromised with this one. The phone is designed such that the power button, volume rocker and the camera button towards the right of the phone. At the top there is a 3.5mm jack while at the bottom micro USB port is located. Below the display you can see the shortcuts along with the mic. The sensors like proximity and ambient light sensors are located above the display.

    As you turn around the phone you can see the 5MP camera above the Nokia logo along with the loud speaker. The entire back cover is removable within which the 1430mAh battery is located. The micro SIM and micro SD slot is situated below the battery. IfYou compare it side by side with Lumia 520 you would hardly trace any difference. The software has some difference but the hardware doesnít. The phone has a 1GHz dual core processor that is pretty good. It features a 1GB RAM with internal memory of 8GB. The build quality seems good however itís not scratch proof which may become your concern. However if you provide a decent cover to it, scratches shouldnít bother you either. There is wide variety of glossy bright coloured replaceable back cover available for Lumia 525.


    The Nokia Lumia 525 has the display size of 4inch same as that of Lumia 520. As told earlier itís very much similar to the Lumia 520. It has a pixel density of 233ppi which gives a good and clear display. The screen is powered with IPS technology. However sunlight readability is not very good unexpectedly. We tried viewing video from different angle, there was difference in the colourwhich concluded that viewing angle is not that great.

    Nokia could have done better, however as it is a low cost handset we should not expect too much. At this price range it is one of the best displays we can get. Watching video and playing game is smooth. You can adjust the brightness the way you want for better viewing experience. We tried a couple of 720p and 1080p videos in it. Both played expectedly very well and looked dynamic on the screen. Due to the availability of new apps in the store you can play many formats on this phone.
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 525 Smartphone Review

    User interface:

    Nokia Lumia 525 is running on the windows 8, GDR3 that is the latest update for the windows. It has Nokiaís latest Lumia black firmware update too. User interface is quite smooth and considerately designed. There are not many lock screen options however since its window you get to access everything you want right from the menu. You can create live tiles of app usually used. Nokia has added Bluetooth LE support, double tap to wake options to make user experience better.

    The Nokia Mix Radio is something really cool allowing customization and editing based on your choice of music. The rotation lock is finally available for the Lumia phones and the UI also has options to close background apps. Unlike the android phones, it doesnít have a quick glance screen. However notifications of number of emails, messages, IM are available on the lockscreen. HERE drive+ is really useful software offering GPS navigation offline. There are some good number of improvements needed here, especially a quick glace screen to view all notifications at a glance.


    Lumia 525 comes with a 5MP camera at the rear side. Unfortunately it doesnít feature a LED flash, so you cannot expect good photos when the light is low. However, at normal circumstance with bright light the photos look good. Outdoor photos are pretty good where images are clear and bright. Nokia has come out with a Lumia Black firmware update that adds new camera apps. So now you have different modes to choose from and even enhance your images after the click using apps. Even though itís a budget phone there are some options Nokia has added in its camera. There are focus control options and also options to control exposure.

    Shutter speed can be set to up to 1sec to get photos instantly. Overall the images seemed rich with details in case of bright light. Video recording up to 720p is possible with the camera. This phone doesnít accommodate a front camera. Recently many new phone manufacturers have come out with budget phones have LED flash along with 5MP camera and front camera too. However quality matters so I wonít complain there.


    As mentioned earlier, the handset features 1430mAh battery enclosed in it. It lasts easily for a day if used normally. But if you stream a lot of videos and play games for a few hours it would last for 15-16 hours. So you would require to charge before the day is ended. There is a power saving mode that is optional in this windows phone. So if you put it on the phone gets in the power saving mode on its own when it reaches 20% battery level. Once in power saving mode your internet connection, Wi-Fi and other options are switched off. You can put it on manually, however your charge is going to go down if you do so. There are other battery saver apps in the windows store that you can opt for which would help in efficient battery management.
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 525 Smartphone Review


    Nokia Lumia is powered with 1GHz Dual Core processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8227 chipset and has Adreno 305 for graphics. Multi-tasking ability of the phone is quite good and gaming was smooth and fast. Apps loaded very easily and quickly. You cannot of course play those heavy games as it faces a bit problem, since itís a low cost handset you have to adjust somewhere. The phone has 1GB RAM that boosts the performance and supports most of the new games which plays only on 1GB RAM and higher.

    Compared to Lumia 520, there is a great improvement in the performance. The phone has an internal memory of 8GB where 2.8GB is used by system and 4.4 is user memory. As said earlier you cannot install very heavy games or apps. With windows 8.1 update app installation on external memory would be possible, but you would have to wait for the update to come in.


    Nokia Lumia 525 is offering some really good stuff for Rs.10400. Multitasking ability is pronounced with the 1GB RAM. It works much more smoothly compared to the Lumia 520. Gaming capacity of 525 is better compared to 520, but I wouldnít vote it as an ideal one. As far as user interface is concerned, Nokia has made huge improvements in the latest upgrades. It has added quite a number of useful apps and settings. Also Nokia Lumia users have access to games worth Rs.2000 for free.

    Camera is fine though it could have done better with a LED flash.Battery life is average and app installation for SD is not yet available. Now itís your choice whether to devote a few thousands more and get a Lumia 525 with upgraded RAM or spend some amount near to Rs.8000 and get a Lumia 520 itself. There are now good number of smartphones at the range of Rs.10,000 to Rs.15000. Moto G is one cool option that is soon going to be launched in India. Lumia 525 has good build quality and with a few updates it should probably just be perfect.
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