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Thread: How to remove My Picture.SCR

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    How to remove My Picture.SCR

    Hi, i am having a Windows 7 desktop. Due to my work i need to connect two external hard drives and a flash drive with my system every time i work. Now, the problem i am here is, i can see a folder named "My Picutre.SCR" in every folder i open on my system. Surprisingly it is also displayed in my both external HDDs as well as in the flash drive along with system's internal drive. So i can obviously realize it is a virus, right? Hence yesterday night i ran the full scan using my McAfee. Today morning when i checked the system, i can still see those folders every where. McAfee was unable to catch or delete them. Can anyone here please tell me how can i get rid of this annoying threat? Please help me, i have many important data on my drives.

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    Re: How to remove My Picture.SCR

    You dont need to actually worry about it because it is not a virus.. but as it is spreading all over the system, you should better get rid of the same. There is a small tool (about 6MB in size) available which can help you with this.

    Download the same from here.

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    Re: How to remove My Picture.SCR

    I have been through this situation earlier on my windows 7 desktop. After digging out on the web for few hours finally i found a working manual solution for removing the same, not with any application like above. So, i want to share here the same guessing it may help you and other users as well who come across such problem. Here is the step by step to delete My Picutre.Scr:

    • Press Win + R key to bring up RUN Box
    • Type “msconfig” without quotes and hit Enter.
    • Disable everything from the StartUp Tab of the opened window.
    • Now restart the computer and go to C:\Program data\
    • Here find and delete system 32.exe file. Note: There are several system 32.exe files on your computer but you have to delete only from the location C:\Program data\
    • Now navigate to all your partitions and folders where you can see My Picutre.SCR and delete them. Yes, they can now be deleted easily.
    • Now go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Window s\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder and delete all executable files with long names like 3ae4g456ijgx2klsfef.exe or etc.

    That’s it you are done.
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    Re: How to remove My Picture.SCR

    all drive contains ! My Picutre image , how to remove it i tried above method but no reponse plz suggest me ASAP.

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