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Thread: Nokia Lumia Black Update Features Preview

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    Nokia Lumia Black Update Features Preview

    After Amber update for Nokia Lumia smartphones, this is the major Firmware Update released by Nokia. Yes, i'm talking about "Lumia Black update". The update is rolled out today for the set of Lumia devices, we will see the entire list of smartphones which will be getting this update in any moment from now. First, let's find out what all new features and improvements does this Black Update brings to the Lumias. Here they are:

    App Folder:

    With Windows phone 8 operating system, Microsoft actually brought a complete whole new Start Screen to smartphones where you can pin any application or settings to the home screen for easy access. But until Amber update, the start screens use to be too lengthy because of the number of apps we used to pin. Nokia has taken a step ahead and fixed the problem. Now you can actually create a Folder on your Start Screen and group a number of apps in the same. Like we create a folder in Android, we can also create a folder on Lumia devices and put several similar apps in one.

    Nokia Refocus

    Nokia Refocus is a new camera app which was launched recently. It brings a new resolution to your photography allowing you to Focus any part of the entire image. It also helps you to capture better images in low light, and you can also play with the colors before capturing your image. Earlier it was available as separate app but now it comes by default with this new Black Update to several Lumia smartphones. Only condition for Nokia Refocus is, it requires a Lumia smartphones running with atleast 1GB of RAM.

    Nokia Beamer:

    Nokia Beamer is another very interesting features which is yet only available for Lumia smartphones. This app allows you to share your Lumia content on large screens like computer or TV. Although it was available earlier, but you were only able to share photos on large screen. But not it is not restricted only upto Images but you can also share your entire Lumia screen on large screens as well as on other Lumia devices. You can now share Pictures, documents, presentations, etc Here the condition is, another screen should have HTML5 enabled and your Lumia device should be running with atleast 1GB RAM. Just scan a QRCode and start sharing.

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    Re: Nokia Lumia Black Update Features Preview

    Nokia Glance screen 2.0:

    Nokia Glance was introduced with Amber update earlier that brings some more enhanced notifications for Lumia users. With the Black updated we get v2.0 Nokia Glance which obviously brings something new. With this new version now you get all your important notifications at a glance which includes phone, messages, email, outlook, calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and games. In short, get realtime notifications from each app at a glance on your locked home screen.

    Nokia Storyteller:

    Nokia introduced this feature with the launch of Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 back in November 2013. But the feature was limited to those two Lumia models but now with Black Update, Nokia made it available for long range of Lumia smartphones. As its name suggests, Storyteller actually tells story of your photos using the map, and arranging your pictures by date and by place. As soon as you tap any picture, it takes you to the Map and showing some extra context.

    Nokia Camera

    Lumia Black update also brings the availability of Nokia Camera to range of Lumia smartphones. Although it was launched log ago last year but until now, the app was only available for devices having Lumia PureView. No more limitations. Nokia Camera is actually the combination of Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera offering you the whole new experience of photography.

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    Re: Nokia Lumia Black Update Features Preview

    Apart from all these features, the Black Update also brings several improvements and enhancements to the devices such as Bluetooth LE support for all Lumia devices and gadgets like Adidas MiCoach accessories.It also brings support for raw DNG support to Lumia 1020, safe driving mode, and more. You can also check this Video showing all these features in Action:

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