Razer Company has launched a smartband that is called the Nabu smart band. They claim that this smart band is the world’s most smart wrist band. These wrist bands provide various types of personal selected information and also several important notifications for the android and I phone users.

Also razer says that this development can be done by any person who wants to create it in its own way. All the developers can avail this smart wrist band by signing up for it and can avail it at a price of $ 49. The price for the customers has yet not been mentioned properly.

The important features of this smartwrist band are as follows:-

  • Public Icon Screen (32×32 pixel) OLED to notify incoming calls, texts, emails and app updates via notification icons
  • Private message screen (128 x 32 pixels) OLED for detailed information of texts, emails, bio data and other updates
  • Band-to-band communication allows for social discovery such as finding nearby friends, mutual acquaintances and more based on user-defined settings.
  • Advanced Sensors (Accelerometer, Altimeter and Cylindrical vibration motor to Track Data for Self Analysis such as data tracking, location information, bio data feedback (steps walked, distance travelled, stairs climbed, etc.), sleep data and more
  • Programmable gestures, such as dismissing active notifications with a shake of your wrist, or enabling sleep mode with just a snap of your fingers
  • Utility app for Android and IOS devices for notifications, data, and other settings such as option to set permissions for the data to be shared.
  • Rain and splash proof
  • Lithium-polymer battery for up to 7 days of usage