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Thread: My Windows Media Player hangs my system

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    My Windows Media Player hangs my system

    Recently, i just start up my system and use Windows Media Player. Played a video and i want to move the video a bit ahead or shut it. There is for all time a loading sign and the reaction is slow. The whole lot else on my windows 7 computer is working without any holdup except WMP. I only switched to using VLC. Though when using Windows Media player for music, it will alright till today when the entire WMP start lagging again. I require the WMP to for my walkman as it doesn’t work with ITunes for album art. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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    Re: My Windows Media Player hangs my system

    It would actually help if we knew what hardware you are using in your machine for example CPU, motherboard, ram, graphics card and the other specification detail which type of Windows you are actually using 32bit or 64bit? I have faced a similar issue when playing back a DVD in WMP, the playback was choppy, don't seek but still very annoying.

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    Re: My Windows Media Player hangs my system

    My issue was related to all the extra media players i had installed, QuickTime, VLC, real player, mphc etc. What looks to be the issue is that a few of these players on its own take over the file connection s and video output functions for those file connection; so that when you use WMP to play a video for instance, the video codec may be busy from another player installed, which can result in uneven play back; or perhaps not being able to look for correctly through a video.

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